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      I am new here, and was grateful for finding this site.

      I am moderate ADD (take Vyvanse), and struggling to find a direction in my employment.

      I was a Full Charge Bookkeeper for a company for over 14 years until it recently closed. I have applied to many positions, but believe that I am either overqualified or that there are too many applicants.

      I am a (50 year-old) hands on learner, and it takes me a while to learn things. I am actually afraid to continue to pursue an accounting field position because of the challenges in learning and the demands for detail (online tests for assessing detail really shocked me). In my youth,

      Previously, I had tried being a Special Education teacher, but was not trained (mentor didn’t “mentor”), I became burned out very quickly, and, I had not been diagnosed with ADD.

      I am a NATURAL with children and teens (mentor teens in foster care), and I thought of doing substitute teaching, but with the COVID-19 situation, who knows what kind of substitute teaching opportunities there will be.

      I have been asked to come to a second interview at a CPA firm tomorrow. Have been told that there would be lots of tax training and “Sherlock Holmes” monitoring of various clients files to find where they screwed up. I don’t believe I can do it (but wondering if I am being hard on myself).

      People have told me that the diagnosis of “ADD” is a disability and that I should declare it to companies when completing application forms. I have also heard that companies can get “credit” for hiring people with disabilities. I would have thought that if a company saw that a candidate needed accommodations in accounting/office work that they wouldn’t even think of hiring that candidate.

      1) Can we “ADD” diagnosed people benefit from selecting the “accommodation” field?
      2) Suggestions for staying in accounting?
      3) Suggestions for substitute teaching or working with kids?
      4) Another idea was going to a trade school. What is a good trade for us “hands on” learners?

      Thank you for your help, and stay safe.

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      Penny Williams

      Most ADHD experts will tell you NOT to disclosure ADHD to your employer or potential employer. While there are laws in the US to protect those with disabilities, it’s really easy for employers to fire you and blame it on something other than ADHD.

      The Case for Hiding Your ADHD Diagnosis at Work

      Is ADHD a Disability? Your Legal Rights at Work

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Hi, I’ve been dealing with ADD all my life and wasn’t diagnosed until a few years ago when I just couldn’t take it anymore and went to an anxiety clinic. (The ADD had caused many lost jobs and there fore low, or no income+ anxiety, depression and stress).
      The psychologist who discussed my diagnosis, stated that the U.S. Federal Government has a requirement to hire people with disabilities – Schedule A). Also, if you are receiving unemployment, you are usually assisted by that entity paying for you to take a course or obtain certification. Usually to enhance skills in your current field. But if you want to switch careers, you could make a case for it given your disability and the current pandemic. By the way, I’m 50 and looking for a job as well.

      I see the previous response from the ADD staff above. I did not know you should not disclose. ALL job applications now ask if you are a protected veteran or have a disability? Should we not state that on the application? And if the answer is no- and we need accommodations later, while on the job, wouldn’t that come back to bite us? Or be grounds for termination because we were not honest on the application?

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