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      My 9 year old son was just diagnosed with ADHDand RSD. His doctor just started him on guanfacine 1mg-taken 1 hour before bed. I’m not seeing anything major change (we’re 4 days in), except for some extreme drowsiness..can anyone give me an idea of what to expect over the next couple of weeks. I’m just wondering how long it takes for the drowsiness to subside..
      Thank you, I’m glad I found this website. Its been very helpful already.

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      my son is 12 and is also ADHD and RSD. He started taking 1mg guanfacine 2 months ago. His crying fits went down a lot. He still want to cry about everything but is a bit more able to control it. He is taking 1 MG at night and 1 MG in the morning with his adderal. I make sure the night time is taken between 6:30 and 7 PM. He is sleeping better now and his behavior at school is also better. He have not complain of any side effects so far. I do not see any drowsiness issues with my son.

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      My son is 12 with ADHD Combined and ODD, he has been taking guanfacine ER since he was 9. We slowly increased his dose to 3 mg and he has been on that dose for a few years. We first noticed the drowsiness, as that went away we had to really tune into how his behavior changed or didn’t change. We found 3 mg to be the most effective dosage for him. I think it took a week or two for the drowsiness to subside where we could really see other changes.

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      Penny Williams

      My son’s drowsiness subsided after about a month. Here’s more information and user reviews on Guanfacine:

      Guanfacine: Non-Stimulant Medication for ADHD

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      My 5 1/2 year old did ok on guanfacine for about 2 months and then started having adverse reactions…sleeping 15 hours a day, really low blood pressure, ringing in his ears…just things to watch out for!

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