Guanfacine and Strattera

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    Eve D

    My husband with ADHD currently takes Intuniv (guanfacine). Stimulants didn’t work for him or made him angrier.

    Guanfacine helps with the outbursts but not so much with focus. He would like to try Strattera but his doctor didn’t want to prescribe Strattera along with guanfacine, I believe because of blood pressure concerns.

    Recently I heard that some doctors would prescribe the 2 medications together.

    Has anyone else successfully combined the 2 medications? Thanks!

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    Big Brother

    Just took mg 2nd dose of strattera(40mg), and I am still on 3mg intuniv (and 5mg adderall xr).
    If anything, I feel a little more relaxed.

    Did your husband end up adding the strattera?

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    My son is on low dose guanfacine and the doctor just prescribed Focalin to take with it.

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    I have taken Strattera and my son has taken both Strattera and Intuniv but not at the same time. Typically they prescribe one or the other.

    We had a lot of success pairing one of the meds with a stimulant. These meds are known to help with the side effects of stimulant meds.Maybe that is something he can try with a low does short acting stimulant. Might be worth a shot and at this point he wouldn’t have anything to loose.

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    I’ve never tried Guanfacine but took Strattera for many years when I was younger (roughly ages 13-20) and it just knocked me out. Stimulants don’t work well for me so I have yet to find a solution beyond the lowest dose of Adderall. But my doctors since my pediatric neurologist who originally prescribed the Strattera do not recommend it. Hope that helps :/

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