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      So just for the fun of it, let’s say we just got diagnosed with ADHD.

      For some, knowing we have ADHD is a relief. We know why our life is going in 20 different directions to a destination called “no-where”

      What does it exactly mean we have ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

      To me, it seems like if we are distracted you should pay closer attention. How do we get away with becoming ADHD when we can easily as adults control the behavior, or can we.?

      Well, come to find out, ADHD is a bunch of learned behaviors, and our cognitive skills are out the window.

      Treated early like elementary school is key, the longer the child goes on displaying the symptoms the more the symptoms become a part of who they are, which is no less than a baby bull in a china shop at worst.

      What did we exactly miss in school besides everything? Our mind races so fast we never learned to slow our mind down so we can pay attention to what going on around us. If we are not paying attention, how are we entertaining ourselves?

      Do We,

      1. bug the kid next to us by shooting spitballs at them and other kids?

      2. just talk out of turn, about jumping out of our seats,

      unfortunately, it’s all the above.

      It’s not like we don’t want to pay attention and do well, we know right from wrong it’s just we’re not interested and we get bored. Our friends think we’re funny, the teachers not so much. We have no concept of consequences except when we are experiencing them. We are clueless almost how we could have done or said “that” again.

      As we get older we remain restless, and acting out in class doesn’t go over so well with teachers or our peers.

      As we go toward our adulthood we know that something is seriously wrong with us and start adapting some very distorted thoughts about ourself. We don’t see other kids or teenagers acting the same way.

      The problem is we’re not kids anymore but were still acting as if we are.

      So this is how it went for some of us, with no guidance or instruction left to our own devices, our busy mind dictates what we do, what we say, how we act, which basically gets into nothing but trouble. The parents, teachers, and counselors all try to help. One parent doesn’t want the medication for the child, another parent says he needs discipline. An uneducated counselor tries reasoning but without the support at home and no medication, the child finds it impossible to slow down to less than a baby bull in a china shop.

      Now let’s change the scenario a little bit.

      The young man is acting out in class has a hearing problem, the teachers observe it and suggest to the parents to get a hearing aid. The medical doctors prescribe the child medication it will help the brain slow down so it is easier for him to pay attention in class. As he still a little fidgety, he knows acting out now is not an option and chooses to work through his restlessness. He starts to understand what consequences are and realizes if you want to do well in school need to be able to pay attention and if he is bored he has to pay even more attention. This is the skill set we need our cognition. The ability to see ahead.

      After a couple of years of this, the child finally learned how to sit still in class when he is board. He does not cause chaos because is a little restless. He also has stopped taking the medication. He is taking his energy and turning it towards a new craft he loves to do and has gotten very good at it. A Matter fact he is so good at it he looks forward to this activity every day. Almost like a white obsession. By the time he is in Adulthood, he is a professional at whatever his craft is If he so chooses to take that route. Can you imagine doing what you love to do for a lifelong career?

      It’s never too late to start relearning it’s just so much easier if we are younger.

      This article is not meant to discourage the Adult but to inform them there is much work to be done. The ADHD will not just go away and the lifelong shame and guilt are not lagging too far behind and also needs to be addressed.

      So where do we start? With one foot in front of the other. Learn everything you can about cognitive skills and start straightening them out. If medication is available to accept the help, you can always get off the meds but how many more years do you want to keep crashing through a china shop. Learn about the foods we eat, exercise, meditate to help speed up the healing process. Brain entrainment works like a charm. Get a coach and a support group. You will slowly start growing yourself back up.

      Can anyone relate to the story let me know?

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