Grand parents think their ADHD son and Adhd daughte in law is Lazy while their

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      My daughter and her Husband are constantly critiquing their ADHD Daughter in law as LAZy partly because she and their ADHD Son are raising a 6 year old daughter who has the maturity of a 4 year old and very poor communication skills. Both my grandson and his wife were very gifted students but are mesmerized by video games and spend a lot of time video gaming. I am the great granfather who at age 70 discovered he was a raging ADHDer as is my son. . I know …a genetic disaster.
      How or what references do I use to get my dtr and son in law educated, both about the constant criticism of their daughter in law, and to recognize their grand daughter, my great grand daughter, should at least be tested if not admit that she is likely ADHD as well. I know, I know, no garrantees but i at least want to lead them to the water trough.
      Can you give some reference and guideposts to educate these two. I have already “Messengerred” zarticles from this forum

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      Penny Williams

      It’s often hard, if not impossible, to change the minds of non-believers when it comes to ADHD. Here are some strategies to try:

      Enlightening an ADHD Non-Believer

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      Thanks Adhd momma They believe in ADHD and had a son my grandson on and off meds. Because he has survived and graduated hS and community college with advanced network training ( like me he has an iq over 150)He enlisted in the armed forces direct from BestBuy 10 years ago. My dtr and husband now believe that their great parenting skills are behind my grandsons success. They have forgotten the chaos they went through. Now grandson has married a very bright multi languages girl who is also on meds, he is on Vyvanse previously Ritalin and their chaos is all grandaughter in laws fault.according to my daughter and her hubby.
      Thank goodness they are stationed 1300 miles away but they continuously talk to him about her poor parenting skills. Being ADHD myself my tongue runneth and i have just come through a year of excommunication with her.
      My daughter loves to read so i will continue to refer articles to her.
      So far i have sent her Rick Greens transcribed interview with Russel Barkley from 2013. And forum topic by gennymede “How to help a kid with ADHD when my own ADHD gets in the way” any other suggestions?

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