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      Is it fair to say that the holy grail of just being happy without having to constantly fight for it, to find that one activity that always works to calm me down, is not in the cards? It just seems that whatever I do to make me happy, and there are many things, it all follows the same pattern. I try something, it works, I’m happy and get my hopes up, I keep trying it, it eventually stops working. I get miserable until I find something else. I can go back after some time frame. Exercise is a good example. It works great until I get in shape. Then it stops working and I lose interest and get out of shape. Then some time later I can go back and it works wonders. Writing funny stuff also works, until I run out of ideas and then I need a break. Then some day I realize I can go back. I get my hopes up and boom, it’s over. If I focus on one thing then eventually it stops working. The good news is I can often go back.

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      Penny Williams

      I think what you’re describing is pretty classic for many people with ADHD. An explanation may be that the interest and focus is so intense at first (newness excitement), and that level of excitement can’t be maintained for a long time.

      Hyperfocus: A Blessing and a Curse

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      I know how you feel. I try a medication, a supplement, a diet plan, exercise etc. and it helps for awhile, but then the benefits start to disintegrate. Soon I have to try to find something else. As the above person said, it could just be part of being ADHD. It sure is frustrating though. Success to you, I hope you find something that works longer for you.

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      the dancer

      Got dopamine? Yeah – what’s it to you? (Hehehe – just kidding)

      Here are a few suggestions I can offer that have helped me to own my happiness; to shape it, with cognitive behavior therapy approaches, and alternative medicines, in addition to medication.

      “It’s not in the cards”
      Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water – I have found trial and error on mixing and matching routines to find a sweet spot for managing energy so I can be present and enjoy life. With that said, what is happiness to you?

      Mixing and matching routines: the all too familiar list with something special at the end

      _Early wake – hot shower then liquids: cayenne pepper, cherries/blueberries, lemon juice, black tea base – take supplements, my doctor told me most of her ADHD patients have some sort of deficiency
      _self pleasure can come from stretching, massage, *masturbation with and without a partner *this is not discussed often on forums so please excuse my frankness, finding a balance with sexual energy was the key to this whole routine
      _make checklist or review checklist 🙂
      _Hot yoga class(forcing the body into healthy stress, on your own, no one else (blind out other bodies in class), in the mirror, working out stress in the body) or doing this at home – any cardio workouts like dance, cold ocean swimming, or,…
      _whole avocado snack: diced raw garlic (2 cloves) and ginger, pink salt, olive oil, cayenne sprinkle, boiled egg in middle, lemon squeeze, cucumbers, seaweed, if around – drink 2L of water every day
      _focused work with medication, IR only – find your own dose schedule **I always have a few days each week with no medication and lean towards under medicating unless it is absolutely necessary to take a full dose – the dopamine from the early exercise is extended with the medication
      _very little social media interaction and I dont sleep with my phone, if I have to, it is goal oriented work and timed
      _vegetarian meals, no meals after 8pm
      _8hrs. sleep min. – having trouble? I take Valerian Root, if this becomes regular, I stop, change my routine (more cardio – sex)
      _emergency nap (think toddler tantrum) if I feel sadness coming in that cannot be solved through writing, drawing, or,..
      _rinse + repeat

      Bonus** make a personal connection – talk to people, be present, interact with others, how do you serve others? I live in a big city and once in awhile I hear the story of the man seated next to me or laugh with strangers about anything and nothing on the train – happiness is also about how we choose to be with others, through a screen or physically present

      {when the calm sets in, it is very relieving, I return to the breath (pranayama)- what am I physically doing, who am I with, I try to be present as much as possible, I dont think about it wearing off – most of the activities above I practice everyday like brushing my teeth and eventually I found a consistent calm – if anxiety comes in then I return to yoga poses and breathing or hard body work – I work with kids so at times there can be mayhem at play which taught me to slow down for them and myself – are there anxiety triggers in your day, how do you deescalate your response?}

      CBT has its drawbacks in my book but one thing that worked was switching my thinking in the moment. We know that the effects of newness wear off on any thing that works. Try seeing the ‘patterns’ as working in a flow with no beginning or end, only transitions like a good track of music

      ‘The interest and focus is SO intense at first’
      Penny has it right about it not lasting for long – I slow it down with the breath, kinda like Jedi time if that’s possible

      Have fun with this.


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      @the dancer; now that’s a fantastic reply. I actually went through a cycle of trying to log in – password forgotten – mail me a new password – change new password – log in – get redirected to main site – find forum back – find thread back – to post this comment. I’m not sure why I’m telling you, I guess it’s my way to give a compliment haha

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      the dancer

      @maartenrischen: thank you

      : thanks for your question – this one hit home for me – hope you are finding a way through it

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