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      I’d like to hear how folks handle setting goals. What are your biggest challenges in setting and achieving your goals? What have you found to be the best methods in setting and achieving your goals?

      As for me personally, I have tried some of the traditional methods of goal setting, with less than stellar results. One method has you create present-tense statements that you then use to formulate goals, such as “I am fit and healthy”, which you then use to create goals that–if you meet them–will make the statement, “I am fit and healthy”, true. This is used in the Franklin/Covey planner systems. In that system you are supposed to create a number of statements and then create goals for achieving each of them. But my problem is that it creates too many goals for me to handle and I end up in “brain overload”, and then I give up and walk away. The Zig Ziglar methodology is similar to this, and I end up with the same results. I’ve tried to read the 7 Habits and Zig Ziglar books on goals, and I always end up walking away from the books.

      I am still trying to find something that works for me consistently.

      How about you?

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      Penny Williams

      An ADHD coach could be really helpful to you for goal setting and goal achievement — creating systems and strategies specific to what will work for you.

      ADHD Coaches: The Basics

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I have struggled to achieve my goals for years. Until recently, I decided to go back to school at age 33 to peruse my second career.

      I had an amazing teacher that has honestly changed my life in a very short time and I’m so thankful. She took the time to show us how to create goals and follow through to the end. So since it has helped me tremendously I would love to share with you.
      First things first. “A goal is just a dream until you write it down”.

      I suggest getting a journal or just something for you to write down your goals and action plan.

      We were asked to come up with different goal categories. This is what we came up with.
      1) career
      3) financial
      4) spiritual
      5) lifestyle
      6) Emotional

      Now “brainstorm” and write down what your goals are for each category.
      After you do that pick one or two goals to focus on at a time.

      Now for each goal you need to answer these questions.
      1) What is the exact goal I will accomplish?

      2) How will I achieve this goal, what steps Will I take to achieve it?

      3) Is achieving this goal realistic with effort and commitment? Do I have the resources to achieve the goal? If not how will I get them?

      4) why is this goal significant to my life and how will I reward myself after I accomplish it?

      5) The benefits of achieving this goal are?

      6) what are potential obstacles that I may face while trying to achieve my goals and potential solutions for those obstacles.

      7) Who are the people I can ask to help me?

      Now you need to come up with steps to achieve your goal and make sure to write them down. the best way to do this is to break it down into smaller goals and figure out how to achieve those small goals first. For each of those smaller goals you will give yourself an expected completion date and you want to give yourself a completion date for the total process of achieving the goal.

      Remember you can always go back and change things. Nothing is set in stone.

      I hope this will help you even a little bit.
      The best advice I can give you is dont try to change or work on too many things at once. That is when our minds get overwhelmed and we don’t know where to start or how to get anything done and in the end actually end up doing absolutely nothing.

      Good Luck to you!!
      Let me know what you think of this idea and if you have any questions let me know!


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        I really like that, Steph! I find the categories helpful. When I think about goals in general, it can be overwhelming because I want to have so many. Thanks for sharing what you’ve tried 🙂

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      As a health coach myself I strongly believe that accountability along with a system such as the one described by Steph above is the best method for many people in setting and achieving goals. If you have tried setting goals and haven’t been able to follow through, I highly suggest you enlist a loving and persistent accountability partner who can simply be a friend: preferably a friend with a goal in mind too. Once you have an accountability partner, set very small actionable steps in the beginning and commit to stick to those by always remembering your ‘why'(the reasons behind your goal), this will give you the traction and the motivation you need to get started and keep moving forward.
      Be positive and look at failures (which inevitably will occur) with curiosity to learn from past mistakes. Be kind to yourself.
      If you don’t have anyone, consider investing in hiring a professional coach for the specific goal you’re trying to achieve.
      Best of luck to you!

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      Programs and acronyms for many do not work. Maybe, at first, they are temporary band-aids, yet one needs the skills and confidence to continue to do what they need too. Setting a goal needs to be aligned with your interests and, or designed with rewards. I sense you are beginning with too big a goal without a step procedure and seeing the end as rewarding. Break the goal down, do a little bit everyday or even a few times a day with rewards set between. Envisioning yourself doing it and completing it can be quite powerful. May sound corny but it works.

      Keep it simple —

      Lee Harbison,

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      I think I agree with what everyone said. I’m going to share what I did for my weight loss.

      1) Decided what I wanted to do: try a new system to lose weight.
      2) Made simple goals: high protein breakfast, veggie lunch, 3 hours exercise/week.
      3) Made accountability by posting it all through facebook.
      4) Prayed!

      Facebook helped in that I posted my initial weight, posted when I exercised. I could have posted the whole breakfast/lunch thing, but the biggest hurdle was sticking with the exercise. Every time I posted about the exercise, all those “likes” gave me immediate positive feedback/reward I needed while I worked towards the long-term goal of losing weight.

      Now, I did that for several months. I didn’t do it for years. But it helped me to establish healthier habits, and gave me the belief that I CAN do this should I try again.

      That was the first time my weight-loss efforts worked. I had/have some conditions that made it difficult for me to lose weight. I credit that something finally WORKED to prayer.

      That was 3.5 years and a few pregnancies ago. Praise be to God, I lost 25 pounds and kept it off. I’ve since lost another 15 pounds, but it hasn’t been as long for me to declare “I’ve kept it off!” the way I confidently can with the 25. It sounds like your goals are also health/weight related: May Jesus bless you in your journey to health as well. <3

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