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    Not really a question, just need to get this out where people understand.

    My son starts 7th grade in two days. Here, middle school is 6-8th grade, so he has one year under his belt. His ADHD has led to massive anxiety about school. He knows he’s different than the other kids and his one close friend is in different classes. He has come so far with his behavior and some of the anxiety, but FINALLY last night he was able to express his concerns about school and what will help him. He said he would like to have more one on one time with a teacher or someone who can help him when he struggles in a subject. He also said he thinks schools should allow more down time in between classes (and you know, he’s got a point). He is a bright kid who doubts his abilities because he cannot keep up with schoolwork and the thought of homework leads to meltdowns. But have him take a test and he’s fine.

    Today I sent in the paperwork for a 504 meeting. We did this once in 5th grade, but his teacher was confident that he did not need it, and she was right – for 5th grade. We will see what happens. His school counselor is familiar with his struggles, so we have that going for us.

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    Penny Williams

    Even if he is denied the 504 plan, ask for accommodations that will allay his fears. Request that he get a couple extra minutes to change classes. Ask for a study hall period where he can get help with his work and maybe get a jump-start on homework. These are reasonable requests. Our kids are intensely stressed at school, far more than most parents and educators realize.

    Why School Stress Is Devastating for Our Children

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