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      Hi –

      Recently, I was researching whether or not my son might have ADHD. While I was doing the research, I discovered that I have some of the symptoms as well! My uncle and brother had/have ADD for sure. I’m 99% sure my Dad should have been diagnosed with it when he was alive. I have always been functional, gone to college, held down a job for a long time, etc. However, now at my job we have been tasked with new duties which are a complete 180 from what I have been doing for many years. I am having a great deal of difficulty focusing and getting my tasks and reports done. I am now wondering if I should start a medication to see if it would help??
      I have always struggled with depression and anxiety and have been seeing a therapist for quite a while.
      My primary doctor said that I would need to get a formal evaluation. However, my insurance won’t cover testing or evaluations for Adult ADD/ADHD.

      My therapist said that she isn’t comfortable giving me a formal diagnosis of ADHD (which is understandable). She said that she can write a letter for my primary doctor which would say she strongly suspects I have ADD.
      I’m not sure where to turn or what to do from here. Do I make an appointment with a psychiatrist and then in the appointment mention the ADD symptoms??
      Any suggestions or advice??


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      Penny Williams

      A psychologist can evaluate you for ADHD and give you an official diagnosis. That is important before moving on to treatment/ADHD medication.

      Here are all the different clinicians that can diagnose ADHD and the pros and cons of each:

      Who Can Diagnose ADHD?

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