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      So last year I was doing some research for my brother and sister inlaw on how to deal with an adult with ADHD as my oldest nephew is now a young adult. As I read more and more I was doing metal check marks for myself. I’m 43 female and since I was 21 I have been diagnosed with Depression, Anger issues and 15 years ago with GAD. After doing all this reading I am 100% sure I have adult ADD and have had ADD since I was a child. I found all my report cards and it was the same thing, upsets easily, day dreamer, talks too much, doesn’t listen, can not organize. I was pushed along in Grade 6 and was in a “resource” program from grade 7-10, but back then ADD or ADHD was not diagnosed very often if at all. My family has just called me a slob my entire life, I am so tired of hearing, “Just do you dshes as soon as your done eating” “Put your laundry away right away”, etc. I had a huge “aha” moment, and even started crying, because now I know that I’m not crazy, there is a reason I am this way.

      In January I decided to go off the Effexor for anxiety and go see my doctor. We started to ween me off the anxiety medication and she referred me to a specialist.

      The so called specialist was a 70 year old man psychiatrist, specializes in Schizophrenia and Eating Disorders, so guess where his questions and comments kept going(do you black out and suddenly are at the mall? Do you see things that you know can’t possibly be there.)
      He did agree that I have adult ADD but he wants to monitor the anxiety symptoms, and he wants me to enroll in Mindfullness therapy. If I can’t follow through on anything, how the hell am I suppose to do that? He even mentioned giving me mild tranquilizers…but doesn’t believe modern day medications.

      I keep thinking if I can get on some ADD medication that works, then maybe Ill try some more cognitive therapy. I have been doing research on the drugs and know I want to try Vyvanse. Do I keep seeing the idiot Doc (btw he asked if I had ever tried a diet, dude, I’m a overweight 43 year old single woman with low self esteem, what do you think?) or do I go back to my family doctor, see what notes she got back from him and talk to her about trying me on medication and see how my symptoms are?

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      sshelbygt500 –

      I would try to find a clinician who specializes in ADD, whether for adults or otherwise. I was fortunate to find someone 15 yrs ago who had that background (I was 35). This doctor sounds a bit out of his wheelhouse – he may be doing what he believes is best! Maybe he can refer you to someone?

      I have found that other conditions often accompany ADD – like depression, anxiety, etc. Those cannot be overlooked, and must be addressed in conjunction with medication. I wouldn’t ‘pick’ a medication (I was switched early on from Ritalin to Concerta), but go with the proper diagnosis of trained clinician. Also, working with a trained therapist is essential. I originally thought that solely taking medication would ‘fix’ this ADD thing. It helped with some distractibility and other visible symptoms, but did not address the bad coping skills, shame and self-esteem issues that built up over a lifetime (I was lazy, spacy, etc.; all those things you mentioned above); those were the things that put my marriage relationship (now going on 25 yrs!) in jeopardy. I’ve found a therapist who really works for/with me; it’s hard work but I’m getting there.

      I wish you well on this journey to diagnosis and treatment. The key is finding people with the proper credentialing, then building a relationship so you can begin the work. It’s hard work, but so worth it… CH

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