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      Started Vyvance this week. Getting an incredable amount of work done. Amazing. Anyone else feel guilty about taking the meds? I know the diabitic needs insulin analogy, but really? My 25 yr old son takes Addryl and we takled about it this morning. Both of us thrilled we are getting so much more done but feel like we are cheating somehow using speed???

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      Oscar R

      I totally get what you’re saying. I refused meds and Evan treatment for years because of this, no matter how many times people gave me the Insulin diabetic comparison! But what I now realize is that even on the meds, people with ADHD are still at a disadvantage. Evan with Meds people with ADHD still usually have defiances in neurotransmitters and even if we didn’t, neurotypical people spend their whole lives learning how to succeed with their brains, we with ADHD are expected to reach that same level as soon as we start the meds even though we lack the years of experience, AND EVAN THEN!, on meds were always on the clock for when we are productive and when the meds wear off and we are left with the after-effects (in my case nausea, migraines, and akashinaly… let’s say… digestive complications).

      Meds don’t give us an advantage, they give us a fighting chance.

      For me, ADHD without meds is like trying to outrace a car on foot, on meds it’s like trying to outrace a car on a bike, hard but now possible!

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      Unless the voices you hear are singing to the tune of an individual with ADD/ADHD, just let it roll off your back. Trust. Me! It used to be that people would say things to me like, “I’m jealous! You have the ‘good meds’, and I just wanted to yell “Give me your normal brain that you insist on damaging!”
      Just remember, YOU have to live your life the best you can, right? Why should you have to live it feeling guilty for 1) something you can’t control that short circuits your thought process on a regular and 2) because of other people’s opinion (I figure the majority of the guilt we feel is from two things. First, we aren’t used to the actual day to day living of the non-scatterbrained, so we walk around sort of waiting to get smacked in the back of the head by someone who says, “SEE? I knew all along there was nothing wrong with you!” and the other is because we’ve heard time and time and time again that speed is bad! It’s just horrible and no good can come from it and all that. At least those were my feelings when I first started taking meds.
      I’m not taking any now and I sometimes sit down at the kitchen table and cry because I can NOT remember what it is I forgot! Plus, my depression meds just … quit working and what I’m taking now works on the incredible anger I feel occasionally, but not so much on the depression and DEFINITELY not the anxiety 🙁

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      I wonder how common this feeling is. I was recently diagnosed and I started Vyvanse and everytime it kicks in I can’t even express what I feel, it’s…peace? I’ve never even had any type side effects or jitteriness from it. I can get things done, I don’t dread the boring tasks, my work doesn’t drive me nuts. All these things are often followed by guilt. I start to wonder if perhaps I didn’t even have ADHD and somehow I convinced myself and therefore convinced the doctor that I do have it and now I’m “doing drugs” to feel good.
      I can only imagine that what you an I are feeling is what a person without ADHD feels like on a daily basis: they function well.
      Maybe instead of thinking about the insulin thing, how about thinking of as needing to wear glasses? 🙂

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