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      Hey all,
      So I was diagnosed with ADHD about 6 months ago, and my doctor prescribed Vyvanse because she liked it better. She had said that it can be expensive if not covered but gave me a free monthly prescription card thing to use. So, after about a month we figured out the right dosage and everything was great! For the rest of the year, my monthly prescription for 50mg Vyvanse was totally covered and free. Well, I now know that was due to my family reaching their deductible. Without reaching our super high deductible, which was only met because both my mom and I had types of surgery, I have to pay 292 dollars until the deductible is reached. Well, I tried to use both the discount card on shire’s website and one my doctor gave me that only lowered it to 232 dollars a month. So, I called my insurance and the only thing that is kind of covered are generic versions of Adderall. So, I went back in and my doctor prescribed 20mg 3x a day. I have read a lot of the discussions about how the different manufacturers of the generic brand can have different effects. Well, I took my first day of the new generic version, and I honestly felt like it did nothing. I was still super tired, I was unfocused and just felt like I do when I don’t take anything. I did some research, and it looks like I received the generic version from a newer manufacturer named zydus. It’s a peach colored oval pill with N 955 imprinted on it. I was just wondering if anyone has had any good or negative experiences with this manufacturer? Or if they have a manufacturer they really like? Any tips on how to combat this feeling? Also any ideas on how to get my insurance to cover or partly cover Vyvanse or even brand name Adderall? I’m a college student still on my parent’s plan and am a dependent. So, they make to much money for me to be considered for any of the assistance programs, but my mom doesn’t believe in me needing any medication and my dad understands but isn’t willing to pay an ungodly amount for it. Thanks all for any help, advice, and experiences you can share with me!

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      Penny Williams

      Unfortunately, Vyvanse doesn’t have a generic yet, so it’s expensive. Your best bet is to trial some medications that have a generic with the help of your doctor. There may be another medication manufacturer offering a discount card that has nothing to do with your deductible, as well.

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      Thank you so much! Yeah, I am now trying adderall XR generic after trying the IR generic and having such bad nausea that my doctor took the pills back early and gave me this new prescription. Today was my first day taking the 20mg dose and it made me feel nothing really other than really tired all day. I read that this could be a side effect and would go away as I continue to use it. If that is so how long would that take roughly? I’m just unsure how long I should give it a try until I know for sure it isn’t working or isn’t the right dose.

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      Dr. Eric

      Individual responses to medication are so varied, even in best circumstances, it is trial and error.

      I was really lucky in how systematic my first MD was… instead of saying, “You look like a XX mg of YY medication”, he started me on methylphenidate and titrated my dose.

      This means that I did 5 days at 5mg, 5 days at 10 mg, etc.
      I also kept a log of my blood pressure, positive benefits, and side effects. I got to 20 mg, had too many side effects and stopped after day 3. My prescription was then 15mg, maximum positive benefits and no side-effects.

      Once that was established, we looked at how long it worked, my crashes, etc. Then played with a second booster dose, systematically.

      Keep in mind that this was over 25 years ago, so our medications options were more limited. The roller coaster you experienced before extended release was no joke.

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      Dr. Eric

      Also, when I switched to Concerta, my plan did not have it on the correct formulary to be affordable.

      My MD was able to have me try a couple of other options and dosages and documented the negatives. (Specifically, the short time of therapeutic effect and crash… requiring a better time release.)
      He was able to then use this information to show that we tried the cheaper options in good faith, but that I needed the newer, more expensive option covered.

      It worked.

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