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      I’m a 28 year old male in Los Angeles with high ADHD. I’ve been taking Adderall for about 5 years.

      I take 20mg my twice a day or as needed.

      My last 2 prescription cycle have definitely been different. I’ve noticed that I was more sluggish and tired faster, just off and not myself. The therapeutic effects seemed to not last long at all. I did some research and noticed that Walgreens has switched from TEVA to LANNETT.

      What I have an issue with is they didn’t tell me, or warn me. And after seeing other people have negative effects while on LANNETT, I think there should have been some sort of warning or heads up. I thought I was losing my mind.

      I did research too that there was a recall on TEVA for possible negative effects back in June, so I don’t know if it’s available or not. I have free healthcare so I have to get what’s offered I guess, but now I’m feeling like these pills aren’t working.

      I really don’t want to have to rely on medication anymore, but it’s definitely a tool that helps me tremendously.

      Anyone going through the same thing?

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      Yes, I just noticed as you have that my script isn’t my normal Teva brand. I have been lost for months and only just now realized that the brand wasn’t Teva. I was switched to the extended release by my physician. My Walgreens profile should indicate my brand preference as I do not tolerate other brands of Adderal well at all. Talk about self destructing. I came to this website in hopes of learning how to better cope with the side effects of the doses dropping when I saw your post and decided to check. They have been extremely difficult to tolerate.I am at the end of my rope. It’s going to be a long rest of the month for me.

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      Penny Williams

      THere’s a robust conversation on the generics for Adderall here too:

      New Adderall generic Question

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I just checked mine and it’s Lannett. What I realized is that just recently, I started taking 1-1/2 tablets in the morning, because I wasn’t feeling that 1 was working. I’ve been at this dose for years and frequently, I don’t take an afternoon dose, so I wasn’t worried about coming up short. But now I wonder if the brand change has something to do with this. I’m going to talk to my pharmacist and let him know. It makes me feel better to know there might be a real reason and that I’m not self-medicating for an emotional reason. I definitely prefer the Teva tablets.

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      OMG – like many other posts in this thread, I thought I’d lost my mind. I noticed on my last refill the pills looked different than what I had received previously. I called the pharmacy to confirm that I received the right pill and was assured that they were the same dosage, just a different manufacturer, Lannett. From the very first pill I became a lethargic, narcoleptic mess. I could not keep my eyes open past 7 pm and could not focus on anything. I cannot believe that these generics have not been taken off the market based on all the negative comments and complaints in this thread. I have stopped taking these after a week. I would rather suffer from the side effect of ADHD than from the effects of this inferior medication. I am so incensed that pharmaceuticals use us, the consumer, as pawns!

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      Lannett worst generic mfg. for ADD meds. Please file complaints with FDA.
      I spoke to FDA this morning please help then
      Investigate them for formulary. I am sending mine to them.

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