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    Hi Everybody,
    I’m freshly diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive) and will be started on Adderall XR in the next few weeks if I pass the prerequisite medical screens. I called my CVS pharmacy and they said they stock Impax generics for this medication but can order Teva if requested. It sounds like Teva is generally preferred on this forum but there hasn’t been much talk of Impax. I’m guessing it’s relatively new to the scene? Could you offer some opinions between these two manufacturers? Also would you say it’s worth the effort to search for Sandoz, or would either of these two MFRs suffice?

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    Bumping this in the hope that somebody has some insight they can share.

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    Penny Williams

    There are a couple robust discussions on generic Adderall you’ll find helpful: and

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    Thanks Penny, I’ve read through those threads and Impax isn’t mentioned that much since it seems to be a new(ish) player.

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    So I just got switched to the XR and when I called my pharmacist and asked for the Teva brand, he says he hasn’t seen Teva make an XR in years, if ever according to his recollection. I thought that odd, but when I went on the CVS website to pull up the generic XR information page, there are product images labeled that state the manufacturer “Activis/Teva”. I guess there was a merger of sorts and Activis is now the primary brand? I’m guessing a forumlation change occurred as well because Teva XR seems very highly regarded but virtually every review of Activis XR has been terrible. This stuff is insanely difficult to keep track of. I opted for the Impax brand so I’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out I’m hoping to go back to my Sandoz IR because those have been great so far.

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