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    In the past I had taken generic adderall that was a dark orange colored pill with the imprint E 401 from Sandoz, which worked really well for me. I just got my prescription filled and this one is from Sandoz same imprint but the pills are a light orange/ peach color. Not working the same as the dark orange. Has anyone else had this happen with a pill from the same manufacturer?

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    Penny Williams

    I can’t answer to your question specifically, but there are a couple of robust threads on generic Adderall that may correlate here:

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    Yes! I have used 30 mg adderall XR – manufacturer Sandoz. By far It was the one that worked the best with the least side effects. I noticed it wasn’t working as well and then I started to get different side effects. I called the manufacturer and was able to get the list of inactive ingredients. They changed what they put it in now. I’m guessing they are being bought out by another company. I’m really frustrated because it used to work so well. (If you go on the daily med website, it is not changed there yet.)

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      Great, thanks. I too noticed a difference, but couldn’t find anything online regarding the difference in color.

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