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    Long story short because I’m physically exhausted and have zero energy to even type this: I’ve been on Adderall for 2 years for chronic fatigue and multiple sleep disorders. I’ve always had the Teva manufactured brand and “due to a manufacturer shortage” per the pharmacist they were out of stock so I went to a different pharmacy and filled it and came home with Aurobindo manufactured pills. Day 1 adverse symptoms began, worst migraine I’ve ever had with full on body tension, feels like pulling of muscles in head neck, back and down legs with dozens of knots—never experienced any of this. N anti does nothing for fatigue, I’m exhausted, in pain and have no motivation. What can I do for the next 24 days in regard to the possibility of getting and filling a new prescription? I emailed my doctor but it often takes a few days for a response.

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    I think there is something up with these. I have never taken drugs, and my random drug screen came back positive for methamphetamine, not just adderall generic. I’ve been searching the web about this manufacturer. And yes, they were very different from Teva. I have been off of them for about 16 days, and it’s terrible dealing with ADD symptoms and coming off of this daily rx.

    The manufacturer has been cited by the FDA recently for many issues.

    I’ll try to keep you posted if I find anything.

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      Aurobindo Adderall is completely ineffective for me too. This is frustrating because I’ve been doing well for a few years with Teva Adderall 10mg 2x daily as needed. It seems like the pharmaceutical industry is unregulated/ unsafe when it comes to generic medication which is the only kind I can afford to treat my Add/ depression/ seasonal affective.

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      “Bad” Adderall
      I had the same problem! For months I found I was just sitting around, staring into space, with daily headaches, depression, fatigue & nausea.
      After 3-5 months, I read posts similar to these online. Looked back & found my problems began when our pharmacy stopped dispensing Teva Adderall!! I informed my doctor & the PUBLIX pharmacy.
      Thankfully, we called the TEVA manufacturing company. They gave us a list of pharmacies in our area who HAVE TEVA brand – WALGREEN’s. I didn’t think a thing of it when I switched back to Teva, but on the 2nd day my hubs & I noticed I was getting work done again! I was actually interested in the world around me. I was BACK TO NORMAL. I’m so thankful!
      •I agree w those who say the “other” Adderall brands should be taken off the market!!
      We reported it to the FDA.
      Please don’t suffer! Get the right brand and report your experiences & brand to the FDA!
      ❤️Good luck to all!

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    Penny Williams

    Call your prescribing doctor and explain the situation. See what can be done.

    ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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    I get these side effects all the time! I’m still trying to figure it out but I’ve had a bit of success. I also get super dizzy like motion sick when my thoughts start racing.

    1.i got one of those rice bags to heat in the microwave. I use it a lot! I’ll lay down with it and read/sudoku/focus on breathing or possibly sleep.

    2. I try to do yoga everyday. It’s low key and easier to find motivation to do over going to the gym. Your body needs the circulation. It helps with both fatigue and muscle tension. Its more of an overtime thing but it also feels good in the moment.

    3. It always gets worse when I’m not drinking enough. Also electrolytes do me good and I have to try and not overeat.

    I hope this helps. It seems like the easiest thing for me since I also get fatigue everyday all day and those horrible splitting headaches. I wanna puke when it all hits me. Good luck!

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      Great advice thank you!! Love the yoga…motivating I gotta get my butt out there !!!

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    Wow. I have been having these exact symptoms and reactions and with lots of sweating. I went to get my yearly physical today but still have felt like a POS. I’ve been moody, depression has kept my emotions on high paranoia alert. It’s horrible with highs and lows like a mofo ! I played some old school 90s music in the AM to get some emotions out of me singing / blasting (Limp Bizkit N2gether Now) while remembering the lyrics to many of his old psycho crazy fun / funny songs that I normally can just shrug off, flow with it, and then play a bunch of other musicians to cool down like Dwight Yokam or Toby Keith. Anyways, I feel you on this about Aurbindo generic regular release. The fatigue and weird bone chest pains have been on and off. But, this is totally new to me. I don’t know this chest pain sh** and don’t have asthma. I’ve been working out running on the sandy beaches and electric biking with my partner. Even took the Ferrari out today since my babe went to get my the family “suv” Porsche cleaned and the dogs nails clipped lol. But seriously, I placed myself in high adrenal situations and enjoyed it but still the Aurobindo Adderall has been screwing with me more frequently. I still have about 25-30 pills left but it’s starting to bring out the worst in me. The side effects are stronger than anything. I think I’ll phone my very kind psychiatrist’s secretary tomorrow to see what she thinks I should and could do abut changing it up. I’ve been taking Adderall for over 3 years 30mg daily early in the AM and afternoon (only if needed). Also have generic Canax with is like eh, so-so. Also in regards to Adderall auobindo my “psoriasis” skin issues have been really bad lately and a ulcer inside the lip of my mouth. Sounds attractive to mentions that but I gotta keep it real here. Anyways your not alone and even though you posted this a while back, I hope you switched it up. Any recommendations, comments are welcomed too. Thanks again for sharing and reading my late night introverted optimistic fiery rant.

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    Canax *Xanax* eek, ignore the misspellings. P.s. I usually would take the Teva orange (football shaped ones) 1-2 times daily 30mg. Those r way better. Can’t wait to be myself again and will not have the Aurobindo again. Should have known to call ahead for Teva to make sure it was in stock.

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      Make sure y’all that are having side effects report it to the FDA I did!!
      I found the Prasco generic which is the new “Teva” to be the superior Gereric as most of y’all agree.

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    This aurobindo is dangerous –i never felt such vasoconstriction in a life time of rx stimulant meds. It’s bound up my gut, chest pain tightness and migraines.

    It was the only 20 mg IR generic that my pharmacist could order. TevaBarr is backordered though she called today because she found some Sandoz.

    I googled aurobindo today because I know I can’t be the only one. It doesn’t feel as though any stimulant properties are working in my brain. It’s unfocused painful tightness then exhaustion when my body has expelled most of it. I made a joke with my shrink that I think it’s bad meth and now reading someone testing positive I want a test.

    I have an Autonomic condition which flared badly on this generic.

    I hope there is still a place to document adverse events to the FDA(?)

    It feels like poison.

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    I had this happen to me over a month ago. I called my doctor, they said bring in the rest of my pills to them and would give me another script. I have been on Adderall XR for 8 years. I was taking brand for 5 and generic for the past 3. I received the Actavis/Teva they were blue pills with white beads. I have never felt so horrible, severe headache, felt like I was in a fog, severe tiredness, couldn’t drive. My daughter takes Adderall XR too. She was given the Actavis/Teva came home from school complaining that medication didn’t work and was so tired, headache. The second day got an email from teacher asking if something was wrong at home or if my daughter had forgotten to take her medication for the past two days. She was upset and wanted me to call her doctor to get the kind she has been taking for over a year. I called her doctor told her and she called in another prescription that day. It wasn’t a problem but insurance wouldn’t pay for it so paid out of pocket.

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    This just happened to me, I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve questioned myself, my eating/ sleeping habits and honestly, it’s just comforting to hear that other people are experiencing the same thing. I’M NOT THE ONE WHO’S LOSING MY MIND.
    Same boat as an earlier post- my regular pharmacy sources through Teva but its backordered.
    I waited two weeks before calling my doctor -but not before calling around to other pharmacies to ask if they had it in stock.
    Now I’m stuck with this crap – Aurobindo – and its absolute JUNK. I’m awake but totally DISTRACTED and struggling to maintain focus or accomplish any tasks at work. This is pharmaciudical abuse and must be reported to the FDA.

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    Tom CEO.

    Aurbino, Mallika crap, & corepharma are junk. I’m gonna stay on course here & talk only about aurbino.

    I never ever post anything as I mostly read comments and either agree or disagree.

    1st off this garbage brand aurbino must be eradicated. I’ve never picked up any lethargy, anger, mood swings as I do with this brand. Just picked it up 2 days ago and as someone who has been on this medicine for 6 years & am ontop of my shit at work. Started my company this year as I’ve been working on wall Street & am beyond happy and also packed to the gills with meetings, office work, watching over 27 employees & overseeing numerous projects plus personal life.

    So to the point of this thread I just wanted to say aurbino MUST be either sued or reprimanded for their actions. I’ve never felt so edgy and disoriented in my life as if I drank a bottle of wine like I do when I take aurbino. It doesn’t help me with anything and puts my mind out in space. THANK God for my business partner who God knows what would happen. This brand made me puke my guts, lay in bed, and here I am anxious to answer my phone because of aurbino. I’m not saying more than the u.s government should be ashamed that were being fed aurbino poison. I tried the other brands I mentioned & they crap all over aurbino. Please someone do something because as consumers/patients who need our meds were being lied to & now we have to deal with it??? Mind you I paid out of pocket for this poison SMH. Please make a complaint to the FDA people. I feel like the FDA waits until someone is dead before they do anything.

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      Call your doctor and tell them what you are experiencing. They should be able to give you another prescription. Good luck

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    Wow, I am SO happy I found this thread. Granted, it is the second thing that comes up when I Google “aurobindo adderall.” Yikes. I’ve been on 30mg ir for years now. Got this month’s prescription filled at CVS for the first time and noticed that the pills looked different. Didn’t think anything of it, but took one as usual and felt… nothing, except for an insane amount of teeth grinding and aggression and irritability and depression. It was so weird, and I thought I was going insane. Tried to stay the course and continue taking them, thinking maybe I was just in a bad mood, had too much caffeine, etc. But same thing for over a week. Finally checked the bottle and saw the manufacturer is Aurobindo. Had never even heard of them until now, and now I see other people’s horrendous experiences. I’m floored. I called CVS tonight, and they told me I had to have my doctor call them and explain what’s going on. Emailed my doc bc Kaiser doesn’t usually let me talk to him on the phone. He’s so slow to respond to emails, but I’m hoping this gets put to the top of his to do list cuz I’m having a hard time functioning. I checked my old prescriptions that were filled at Walgreens, and I always had Tevas. They were great, smooth, and effective for me. Thanks for sharing your experiences everyone, you saved me a lot of mental spiraling.

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    Guys, PLEASE take the time to report this to the FDA. This is the second time I’ve been unfortunate enough to get Aurobindo generic, and something needs to be done.

    Follow this link:

    Be thorough and contact your pharmacy to get the lot number for the final page. It should help.

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    Thank you all for confirming what I already suspected, that my pharmacy now having only Aurobindo “Adderall” in stock (they used to carry Teva) is why after 10 years on generic Adderall, which was previously overall tolerable and effective at curbing the worst of my ADD to warrant staying on it for a decade, suddenly what Aurobindo is claiming is real generic Adderall is all pronounced, unbearable, untenable side effects and less-than-zero medicinal value.

    If I wanted to alternately be constantly exhausted, so anxious I’m afraid to leave my apartment, randomly mentally though not physically homicidal, so oversensitive to stimuli that I can no longer shower, only bathe with a washrag and no-rinse shampoo because being pelted with water is suddenly unbearable, and depressed and less able to focus than taking nothing–oh, and newly plagued by severe lower abdominal pain, mouth ulcers, and a general sense of being poisoned, it’s perfect. But, given that I neither want nor can afford any of those things, because I not only have to function, I used to quite like showering regularly (esp. in August in the Midwest, but efficient personal hygiene is really an all-weather boon), and I find hours-long panic attacks nerve-wracking, exhaustion tiring, severe gut pain uncomfortable, and the sense of being systemically poisoned, disturbing. I also was happier when not compelled to randomly scream at my mother; because she’s my mom, 80, and already nervous that her circle of acquaintances has suddenly expanded to include a number of gynecological oncology surgeons arguing about whether she’s more apt to die of invasive abdominal surgery or an ovarian tumor growing like it’s on the pharmaceutical-grade amphetamine mix that I very seriously doubt I am, I’m really grateful to hear others’ accounts that so match mine, I feel I have id’d the culprit and overcame my new phone phobia to find a different pharmacy that stocks Teva instead.

    Not that Teva hasn’t been caught by the FDA violating acceptable mff. procedures for its drugs bound for the US, but Aurobindo has managed to collect 11 FDA reports of violations in 3 years, some of them addressing problems caught earlier and unfixed.

    FDA regulation of offshore drug-mff. plants is so spotty that US. drug mff. are outsourcing generic production to such plants just because they’re “unburdened by regulatory inspections.” Still, a single inspection of one Aurobindo plant in May 2019 found unignorable issues like using known carcinogens as binding agents at about 4 times the acceptable levels in life-critical cardiac medications, the presence of rodents, insects, visible dirt, rust, and 5 buckets of water from leaking air conditioners sitting in plain view in the manufacturing areas, safety technicians not trained for their jobs, and obviously faked data representing the amount of active ingredients at much higher levels than the products actually included when tested by FDA inspectors. And supposed capsules of drugs shipped to the U.S. totally empty. The actual report is heavily redacted, but understandable. URL given below.

    Notably, the conclusion reached by the FDA in its folo-up letter to Aurobindo in June, AFTER AB was given time to address the issues noted in May, was that Aurobindo’s 3 main plants are not capable of meeting basic safety standards for drug manufacturing, and that there’s been a notable absence of anything being done to make them so. (Direct quote: “These repeated failures at multiple sites demonstrate that [Aurobindo’s] management oversight and control over the manufacture of drugs are [still] inadequate.”) The full text of the june folo-up letter from the FDA to Aurobindo is here:

    Aurobindo’s response to media inquiries about how its stock/price/revenues would be affected by the FDA letters were rosily optimistic: It literally said that the FDA warnings would not affect its revenue stream at all (the FDA fell far short of closing the plants), and its recent acquisition of the mff rights to a huge number of drugs formerly made by, or in the pipeline of, Novartis, still leaves it positioned to become the second-largest producer of generics for the US market. I’m glad to report that its stock price was and remains dinged, at least.

    Actual FDA report on one Aurobindo plant inspected in May 2019 (heavily redacted and requires attention to the implications of what was observed; also noteworthy that the plant is still pumping out drugs for the US market):

    Examples culled from the FDA report:

    Ask before you fill your scrip who the mff. is for what you’ll be given. If the answer is “Aurobindo,” take your scrip elsewhere; call around to local pharmacies and find one that has what you’re prescribed mff’d by pretty much anyone else. (I’ve personally had OK results from Teva, a common supplier.) If you just submitted a scrip, don’t know who the mff. is, ask, and if it’s Aurobindo and they offer no other options, take your scrip back from that pharmacy and get it filled elsewhere, as noted; you can probably get it electronically transferred to another pharmacy, though I’m not positive about that bit re: meds scheduled as tightly as Adderall. I just got my physical scrip back from the CVS and plan to take it Walgreen’s, which I called and which thankfully has my 15 mg. pills made by Teva. If they already filled it, I’m pretty sure that as long as you haven’t picked it up and/or taken it out of the pharmacy, you can get them to put the pills back and, if Aurobindo is all they have, and they won’t order your dose made by somebody slightly more reputable, still retrieve your prescription, or transfer it. Don’t accept medication that was mff. by Aurobindo. Or at least not their “mixed amphetamine salts, i.e. generic Adderall. (Who the mff. is, is in tiny print on the bottle. Hard to spot but it’s there. Or just ask the pharmacist.) It is in my opinion both medically useless and dangerous. If you simply can’t find a pharmacy that can fill your scrip with pills made by other than Aurobindo (seems unlikely, but just in case), contact your prescribing doctor and try to get her to give you a scrip marked “DAW,” assuming your insurance will cover non-generics. Or if you can afford to, bite the bullet and pay OOP. If your insurance doesn’t cover non-generics & you can’t afford to buy the, see if you can get the same total amount of medication using, say, in my case, 3 10-mg. tablets per day rather 2 15-mgs. For some reason, my CVS’s 10-mg tabs are mff’d by a couple of suppliers that aren’t Aurobindo. It’s just the 15s that they offer no other choice for. Maybe Aurobindo has more market dominance in 15-mg. tablets? Anyway, I didn’t need to go through the whole rigmarole of getting hold of my p-doc and explaining the problem and getting a new scrip, because while it’s refill time, I’m not out of the 15 mgs–I haven’t been taking much, because too nasty–so I’m not going through acute withdrawal, I can just take my scrip to Walgreens tomorrow.

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    My pharmacy switched my script about 7-8 months ago & my mental & physical well-being has plummeted to the point I feel suicidal 80% of the time, which has never been the case. ZERO energy, total inability to focus, memory riddled with holes, my body feels so heavy & my head feels like it’s filled with concrete plunged into a mud pit. It took me months to make the connection to the switch in my adderall meds. Asking my Dr about it, she said some genetics are just junk, “might as well be licking a salt block” were her words. She recommended talking to my pharmacist about the different meds I’ve had. I found an old bottle from a yr ago (b/c I can no longer clean up the clutter) & it was the med that worked for me: round orange 20mg, manufactured by Aurobindo. The ones I’m currently taking that do next to nothing are oval peach 20mg by Zydus.
    I was planning on speaking to my pharmacist but now after reading what so many have had to say about Aurobindo, I’m feeling hesitant. But those meds did work, and the Zydus doesn’t.
    I’m at such a loss here, and I’m on the edge;
    I feel like if I don’t find something to help me soon, it’s gonna be too late.

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    I’m going to ask my doctor to write Sandoz only, or perhaps Sandoz or Teva only on my prescription. That will force the pharmacy to stop playing their stupid, ‘it’s all the same, she will take what we give her crap with me.

    They should all be forced to read “Bottle of Lies”. I’m halfway through it, and it confirms my worst suspicions, while informing me of even more horrifying crimes and corruptiono than I ever imagined.

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      I have dealt with this since insurance wouldn’t cover brand anymore. I have to get my two kids and myself Adderall every month. The doctor can write which manufacture works best on script but they sometimes forget to. What you can do to make sure that you get the right kind. Tell the pharmacy what works for you. They will put it in your profile and only fill your medication with that manufacture. I have done that for myself and my kids. We can only take Impax Generics. We all got Teva manufacture one month and it was horrible. I told our doctors, the pharmacy and filed a commplaint with company and FDA.

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      I cannot find Sandoz or even Teva now to save my life! Meanwhile, I cannot find a description of Northstar to save my life, either. Can anyone post a photo or description of that pill? 20 mg instant release. Thanks!

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    Wow I can’t believe I found this thread andnso recent as I thought surely I was going crazy. I normally pick up my script from one pharmacy but after a new insurance I switched to my “preferred” pharmacy. I called my doctor the first day of taking this explaining that this didn’t feel right and what can be done… I was told to wait until next month and to back to the pharmacy I usually fill at.

    Talk about a terrible month in which I felt no motivation, tired, sluggish, couldn’t remember a literal thing to save my life and extremely off kilter. I just finally got my new month and my “old generic” back – Teva. However I still don’t think this is right either! Doc insisted that I go back to Teva and increase dosage – but I’m feeling like I need something diff all together.

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    If another generic form of Adderall XR worked for you ask your prescriber to specify that brand and mark no substitutions. As long as it is a generic equivalent, the insurance will cover it and your pharmacy will have to order it (usually will take 1-3 days). The no substitution box is not just for branded drugs. No explanation necessary to the pharmacist just make them comply to the no substitution mark on the prescription.
    Brand to brand variation exists and most forms of Adderall will give a positive for amphetamines in a reliable drug screen.

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    What we need is a reliable, independent lab that will test pills sent from patients and verify whether or not they are any good.

    It’s pretty obvious to me that many of these generic companies are playing a shell game called ‘hide the active ingredient’. One month this one works, one month the next one works, another month someone complains about this pill, next month it’s all about that pill, and it looks like our Aurobindo may have changed its name to Northstar, or else my Pharmacy just lied and through aurobindo into a bottle label Northstar.

    Darned if I can figure it out. But I know these companies are crooked, I know the FDA is crooked, and I know that we need outside verification. Talk about the cure being worse than the disease! Until I found a forum similar to this one years ago, I wondered if I was going crazy! Well that, and I read Bottle of Lies. Once again, let me reiterate, everyone who is having this problem needs to read that book.

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    Aurobindo Pharma’s generic Adderall gives me severe migraines; have not had any adverse effects – over 15-years – with any other generic brand. Tell your Pharmacist to note your file “Do NOT Fill rx with Aurobindo Pharma brand”

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    I find it so incredible that so many generics are nothing but sugar pills. How could the FDA do something like this. Teva is the best generic for me and many others. Now it’s impossible to find. Our alternatives are things that give us headaches, nausea, irritability etc.

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    The FDA has become a paper tiger. Read Katherine Eban’s book “Bottle of Lies”
    I’m sorry everyone is suffering so.

    Greed is killing us all!

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    A few years ago the same thing happened to me when they mysteriously fill my prescription with this I wonder Aurobindo brand and within 20 minutes of my first dosage and keep in mind I had no bias one way or another I just assumed it was the same, immediately I went into the deepest darkest depression with the worst anxiety and I stayed this way for three days as I continued to dos just thinking I would get through it but I never did so I called my doctor and he had me bring up my bottle of pills and in return he gave me a new script for me to go fill somewhere else.. the worst part was that my insurance covered the first prescription but obviously isn’t going to on the second one with the only being three days apart but it was totally worth it’s still because I couldn’t survive taking that brand and I can barely survive not taking my regular Adderall

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    I was on 40mg/ Dexedrine spansule (mostly generic) for 15 yrs. I took myself off mid summer bc Aurobindo sucks or what we were getting before was way better for some reason like it was the remnants from a 1950’s supply with Barbiturates in it but yes I agree I think the current supply from Aurobindo is frightening and I have on the same dose had horrible opiate like withdrawals from reading online I think at the same dosage same times of the day.

    I cant do this w Aurobindo and would rather be completely distracted and literally have narcolepsy. I hear you guys on the weird side effects. They were too much for me. I wrote the FDA we need our own warehouse in America and have called to try to just make this right.

    Best, Liz

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    Stay strong!! It is most certainly hard right now.

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    Literally was just rushed to the hospital ER from my job, after my pharmacy decided to switch my Adderall to this brand. Never had any bad side effects before using this brand. Headaches, nausea, exhaustion, hallucinations chest pain, shaking, muscle tension and, anxiety/panic attacks. I have U30, first time taking it today. Has no effect at all, and provides no focus at all either.

    The FDA needs to ban this company from manufacturing this.

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    I’ve taken IR adderall on and off for 10 years. Always a consistent, positive effect.
    Was recently prescribed Aurobindo 20MG Amphetamine Salts for the first time from CVS.

    In my experience it had all the negative side effects of adderall: Jitteriness, Nervousness, Anxiety, Racing heart.
    and none of the positive effects: Enhanced concentration, sense of well being.

    On a weird note, I usually break my pills up and take half at a time, and am very familiar with the distinct slightly sweet taste of the medication that is identical across various generics I tried. The aurobindo do not have the same taste at all.

    It was so ineffective I googled it, and it’s no surprise this is the very first result for “Aurobindo Adderall”

    Something is up with their recent batch. I’m guessing the formulation is out of wack. Needs to be recalled and tested immediately, could be dangerous.
    Reported to the FDA, recommend everyone do the same if they had the same bad experience I did:

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    I take the generic Dexedrine/dextrost/Zenzedi. If I take the Aurobindo generic, within hours I have the worst anxiety/depression, headache and my skin breaks out horribly. I am out of my meds and Right now there is a shortage, no pharmacy can order any other generic besides Aurobindo.

    I have literally bottles of Aurobindo generics at home from previous months when I filled them and got soooo sick I had to stop taking them.

    Facing the fact that I am out of meds and feeling pretty certain that the poisonous affects from the Aurobindo are due to a filler I tried an experiment.

    I placed the Aurobindo in a small narrow 2 once glass and put about an once of water in it. I stirred it until the pill desolved.

    I let it settle and used a dropper to carefully suck up just the liquid, none of the solids and then put the liquid in another small glass.

    I did this 4 times, mixing and let settle each time.

    So now I had a glass of goo solid and a glass of merky water.

    I drank the syphoned off water.

    Believe it or not, it worked! I felt the POSITIVE effects of the medicine and Hardly any side effects!

    Hopefully this will continue to work until a pharmacy can get quality meds again.

    I thought it important to share this for 2 reasons.

    1. It just about proves that Aurobindo is putting a poisonous filler in the pills, sense if I injest the solid fillers I get horribly sick, but if I let the Dextroamphetamine disolve in the water and just injest the water, I am fine.

    2. I thought it might help some of you guys who have also been stuck with a months worth of meds that you can’t injest because they make you sick.

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    I’m still waiting for Teva to ship new batches on April 4th. To prepare, my plan was to have my doctor send my prescription to a pharmacy and have my meds on order so that I can get them as soon as available. The parmacists at CVS, Walgreens, Drug Emporium, WalMart, and every major pharmacy said that corporate rules prevent them from ordering this med from Teva. I went to Costco, the pharmacist said thier distributor won’t order this med from Teva. But, she referred me to a locally owned compound pharmacy. I went to the pharmacy she suggested and the pharmacist was super helpful! He spent about an hour calling EVERYONE he could think of. He called his distributors, even other pharmacist asking if they are having the same problems ordering Teva generic dextroamphetamine….

    After going through all of this, we learned that basically no matter what myself or any other person does, even though these meds are proven to be problematic and in my case physically poisonous, it is 100% impossible for any person, doctor or pharmacist, in the state of Louisiana to purchase any dextroamphetamine medication not made by Aurobindo.

    The reason is because Express Scripts only includes Aurobindo on thier formulary and that is all they will pay for. This does not sound like a big deal, but Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana uses Express Scripts to handle all of thier prescriptions. Again, you may be saying… so what? Whats the big deal?

    Here is the big deal! BCBS LA bought the only other remaining healthcare provider in the state, Vantage Healthcare, in 2019.

    So now, no pharmaceutical distributor in Louisiana will stock anything besides what is on the Express Scripts formulary. It doesn’t matter if the med is hazardous, ineffective, poisonous, etc…

    I called BCBS LA today and went through every detail with them. Everything, the side effects, my visits to doctors after being poisoned by Aurobindo, the FDA citations, everything. I requested, out of safety for patients that BCBS LA instruct Express Scripts, who works for them, to remove Aurobindo dextroamphetamine meds from thier formulary and no longer approve claims for any Aurobindo dextroamphetamine meds.

    A BCBS LA representative assured me this will be addressed with Express Scripts representatives and they will call me back Monday.

    One thing all of you need to understand is that the shady dealings by Express Scripts on behalf of BCBS LA does not just affect Blue Cross customers. By having a nearly 100% Monopoly on healthcare in Louisiana, Blue Cross has effectively prohibited ANY person, even the uninsured people who pay cash, from access to ANY drug not on the Express Scripts formulary.

    Do I trust them… No, but hoping for the best.

    One thing they don’t know is that I recorded the call, so I proof that they were made fully aware of the poisonous Aurobindo meds. And I am going to record the call with thier response.

    Worst case senario, They say the standard line… “All generics are the same… we will only pay for Aurobindo”, and I end up with the next MEGA-VIRAL YouTube video where I play the recorded call and ingest an Aurobindo pill and the world can watch me breakout in hives.

  • #164394


    All of you contact me immediately at we must consolidate our efforts to right this wrong: we are seeing the healthcare “providers” do nothing; we must assemble autonomously. Once in contact we can work together!

  • #165513


    I am trying to keep my company running, now by myself, with no employees do to the stay at home orders, and with no meds because of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana (So forgive me if this post is a bit out of sorts)

    On top of that…

    In total, I spent about 3 hours on the phone today with representatives from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana and Express Scripts, including about an hour on the phone with a head Express Scripts pharmacist.

    In short, I learned that none of the people I spoke to actually care if anyone they are supposed to be helping live or die and none have even a basic education in pharmacology except for the Express Scripts head pharmacist I spoke with. BUT, what I learned from her is invaluable! She is not allowed, (Express Scripts internal rule) to see any pricing data or have any control over ordering. All she could do was basically talk to patients and note what they say. In other words, Express Scripts decisions regarding patient safety are completely made by accountants and board members who are only concerned about finding the cheapest price. The health and well being of the insured, is a non-concerne.

    All of this has been recorded. This is not nearly over! Again they asked another 48 hours to get back to me. We will see what they say, but I am pretty sure I have enough evidence of criminal activity recorded to request an emergency injunction to suspend BCBSLA’s license to do business in the state of Louisiana.

    Please, everyone who had bad experience with Aurobindo, please call your insurance company and Express Scripts and tell them EXACTLY what happened to you.

  • #168252


    I hate it when pharmacies change manufacturers and not inform you of it. Then you have to deal with getting the name of the previous manufacturer or call the doctors office. This last time CVS mail order sent me Aurobindo brand and it does NOTHING. A waste of money and time. Not to mention the lack of energy and focus. I do think that this brand is causing some rapid heartbeat. I will know when I start using the old brand.
    Has anyone who used Aurorbindo brand and tried Lannett manufacturer have any problems with Lannett? With all of the different manufacturers which brand do you think is the best?
    I have been trying to get the right the medication for so many years and I am ready to feel “normal.” I don’t think I will ever feel that way.
    I have many other health issues that conflicts with those medications. Almost, like a catch 22. I tried taking Modafinil for Idiopathic Hypersomnia and it really worked well. The problem was the two together made my heart race so I had to stop it. It goes on and on without any real results.

  • #173122

    From this moment forward, direct all complaints to Senator Cassidy of Louisiana. I agreed to cover all cost to have full lab test run on the poisonous Aurobindo pills.

  • #173435


    OMG SAME IN CONNECTICUT! A MONOPOLY HERE TOO! BCBS same issue. I grew so tired of the monthly Adderall hunt that I tried several other ADD meds, but nothing works like good ole Teva generic. It has been a nightmare as you all know. I was well aware of the Aurobindo problem immediately because I have breathing issues to begin with; It only took one pill- this nearly killed me! While I am truly sorry for all of your suffering, I am relieved to know that I am not the only little man fighting for the right to safe medicine. If anyone can direct me to someone in Connecticut who might be able to help I would be grateful. I did express my concerns on FDA website but, that is just futile! The FDA doesn’t care until a hoard of people die. Even then, it’s iffy. I’m sure Aurobindo pays them to look the other way while they poison us and I’m sure any government official has access to real healthcare, not, HELL-CARE OR HELL-IF-WE-CARE!
    To add insult to injury AUROBINDO has a subsidiary in New Jersey- Auropharma. Unwittingly, I picked up another prescription that I take, and didn’t look at the manufacturer. My heart sank when I saw AUROpharama. UGH-another bad reaction, and another call to the doctor for a new script, and out of pocket pay!
    Thank you everyone!

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