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      I don’t know which forum to put this in, but here I am.

      I am sixteen(16) and I have ADHD that has been kept under control lately. I have a niece that is nine(9) with extreme ADHD. She bounces off the walls, has extreme emotions, and can’t keep focus. I don’t see her very often, but I would like to find games we can play together. I tend to keep to myself which is why I don’t have a lot of games that we can play together, especially because of our age difference.

      She also likes puzzles and we did two(2) last time I saw her.

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      From my own ADHD kids: spinning a top/tops, fast-paced card games: speed, blink.
      How kind of you to want to find ways to share with her!

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      My 11yr old w ADHD likes to play any board game that he can add to by creating his own storyline and adding rules and characters to. For example we’ll play monopoly jr but he adds his plastic dragons and knights or any other random selection of characters to the board and makes the game his own. “When you land on the red dragon he breathes fire on you and you have to go back thru the portal of mayhem 5 spaces”. Games that have active parts/sounds go over well too as do games tailored to his favorite characters. Rolling dice in Oogie Boogie Yahtzee, spongebob operation, scooby doo “trouble” pop game, gooey Louie where you have to, ahem, pick the boogers from his nose and try not to make his brain pop out 😆.

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      Kids (and adults) with ADD seem to do better in natural environments. What about going for walks and trying to see how many different critters you can spot — and don’t forget to include the little guys like spiders and bees. Being outdoors will help her overall state, and the activity of exploring and looking for new species might appeal to the novelty seeking aspects of the ADD brain. Maybe pick up a cheap camera and see how many different critters you can photograph? That will help her to learn to be still and gentle without triggering boredom.

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