frustrated with math, and finals coming up!! HELP.

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    Hey guys, it’s jolly here again, I’ve been posting a lot. Its just that I have so many questions and ideas. I finally scheduled a doctor’s appointment! I finally told my parents and they understand. Anyways, finals is next week, and I’m kind of freaking out about my math. In general I’ve been terrible at math ever since first grade. I don’t think I have Dyscalculia. I can do math, its just that I have a hard time focusing and sitting still. Today in math class, my teacher was explaining something on the white board and I was sitting right at the closest table to her. She was explaining Quadratics and I followed along until the 3rd or 4th step. She talks a lot and really quickly, one thought pops in my head, and I am in a fantasy, starting out the window. After she finally ends her lecture of step by step explaining, we then move onto stations. I go to the first station and I have no idea how to do it. My teacher notices and she begins to help me. I guess randomly on how to do the math problem, she says “nope, you do it this way” so then I hesitatingly TRY my hardest to understand the right way. I do a lot of it wrong. She then says “you’ve go to pay attention to those small details!” In a semi-annoyed voice. I do another number of mistakes and feel hopeless. I have to redo several problems. I am also the last one to finish, as a matter of fact, I didn’t even finish! I swear, I try my freaking hardest and I can’t. I’m probably the dumbest person in my math class. So there. I just can’t seem to learn math the way other people can. I’m really frustrated. Ugg. I’m really stressed out for the finals. Can someone help me?

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    Have you tried Khan academy or other math help sites? Khan Academy and a few others got me through college math (went to college late in life)

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    In highschool the bird outside was more interesting then the teacher. I was a C and D student history and government and English we’re my weaknesses I almost flunk 11th grade history, either way I did graduate

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    My kids bought a figgy spinner. You hold it in your hand and hit it with other hand and it spins in a circle. They say it’s supposed to keep you focused. Although your teacher might think you’re playing and take it. May if you explain the teacher might allow it

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    Ok I’ll try that, I have a fidget cube but it usually gets boring after a few minutes. I’ll try Kahn academy. And maybe just taking a lap around the school will help me focus.

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    My teen struggles with math now too. With weak executive functioning skills and poor working memory from ADHD, it makes sense.

    While I am against energy drinks because they are so unhealthy, my son got one at school once and told me he had never been so focused. So I got him some for the morning of each of his finals. He did better than usual, so it may have helped, but who knows. I really don’t recommend it, especially if you take stimulant medication, but it seemed to help him some (he didn’t do stellar, but he passed and even got a B on one).

    One thing I always did as a student before math tests was review formulas over and over and over. As soon as we were told to start on the test, I filled my scratch paper with every formula I could think of. Then, I could reference it throughout the test and didn’t have to worry about forgetting something I needed later in the test.

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