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      I take 20mg Adderall twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I don’t usually have issues taking my meds in the morning, it’s taking my meds in the afternoon that I have been struggling. I have an app on my phone that reminds me when to take my meds, but lately, it hasn’t been really helping me. I have just started a new job, and I am still adjusting to my new schedule. I have found myself either forgetting to take my meds on time or forgetting to take my afternoon dose with me to work, both of which often results in a pretty rough afternoon and evening. Does anyone have ways that they remember to take their meds other than using an alarm on their phone or an app to help them remember?

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      Penny Williams

      The alarm is probably your best bet. If you’re ignoring it, set it so that you can’t. Have 3 alarms every 15 minutes instead of just one, for instance. If you’re forgetting your medication at home, can you take half a bottle to leave at work? Locked in a desk drawer perhaps?

      Or maybe your doctor would be willing to prescribe the long-acting Adderall so you only have to take it once a day in the morning?

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      Same problems here.
      I have now changed to concerta 36. Problem solved…except for when I forget to take it in the morning, haha. My wifey is only just starting to understand that I forget and accepting that when I do, I will be a little less useful for the evening.
      I do have short acting Ritalin for the occasions when I forget concerta in the morning as I’m not interested in being awake till 2 am. I don’t like the rise and fall of Ritalin but it’s useful to get me through my work day and helping wifey with the kiddies etc.
      I strongly suggest workin with your doctor to get an array of combinations that keep you at te very best you.

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