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      Hi, I tried the Adderall XR (5 mg) now three times (not in a row). It makes me feel more “here” (empties the dialogues & worries in my head tbat were distracting me … gives me a great mental “rest”) and makes me feel calm /happy. It is great for grocery shopping or house work (the background music no longer distracts me in stores and I could also function playing background music at home suprisingly). The Adderall made it worse though for figuring out what I am “supposed” to be doing /analyzing/ organizing/ problem solving / computer filing jobs (had to wait till med wore off … and I was relieved the Adderall XR wore off by then). Basically I was really focused on, and ended up doing, whatever I saw in front of me lol (with heightened awareness of my surroundings especially as nothing was happening between my ears to distract me from the world. Btw, I tried 10 mg, one time first, and it made me feel drunk/dizzy/stupid and super aware of my surrounding so we cut it down).
      I was diagnosed OCD when almost 40 (which is an odd age) and my doctor and I are now convinced I have alway been ADHD (but more so with menopause). However, by Dr. Amen’s criteria, my OCD could originate from Type 3 OverFocused ADHD (which suggests a tendency for compulsions in one article I read). Also at the time I suddenly developed OCD (actual compulsions of handwashing etc at the time), I had just found out I was two weeks pregnant, among other stressful events at the time
      , and wasm taking, (not sure when I started) Nestle Materna vitamins (which I believe had 1 mg of folic acid at the time and they may now have lowered it recently ?). I also developed depression by the next year (though still lots of stressful circumstances in my life may have contributed). I just always wondered if that folic acid was part of it … especially as I know a bit about MTHFR and undermethylation now. Currently with my OCD issues, I would expect getting tested for MTHFR would not be easy for me. I wondered if just trying a methyl-folate, methyl B12, B6/P5P supplement “experient” would be safe? (to see if it makes me produce more dopamine and serotonin which is what Dr Amen recommends for ADHD Type 3 / increased methylation). I do know that the methyl form of B12 agrees well with me. I have not tried methyl-folate or B6/P5P. This might get more to possible “root cause”. I do not think my first option should be tyrosine and tryptophan as, t£o me, that would be two things “fighting each other” maybe ? I have tried just l-tryptophan (in the form of 5 HTP ) last year and it puts me to sleep after a day or two and immediately makes focus worse (but it makes me happy lol). I could try just l-tyrosine but that, I expect would give similar result to Adderall XR ? Does anyone take these two things together? Whereas, investigating the MTHFR route would be getting to route cause ? I do find that better sleep / bed by 10:30 pm (which increases methylation, both neurotransmitters) exercise, diet etc. is a huge help re brain function … but so far it is still not enough …

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