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      Hi there!
      I have a tip for every fidgeter who loves soft things.
      I fidget A LOT. It got so bad I couldn’t wear my hair down anymore because I couldn’t stop touching it.
      Also, as a 21-year-old woman, I still have a weakness for plushies and still sleep with one (or a soft T-shirt to hold when I’m staying at someone’s house) because I need to have something to hold and fidget with to fall asleep.
      To me there is nothing more comforting than running my thumb repeatedly over a soft fabric.
      I have found a way to fidget with soft things without looking stupid in public: reusable cotton pads. You can buy them online, I know Etsy has a bunch. They are just small rounds of fabric, usually double sided. You can get them in many different colours and fabrics, I love velour for example, but you may prefer flannel or cotton. You can wash them in the washing machine (great if you take them on the go and touch them with dirty hands). I have one in the pocket of my coat for example. To make it even more relaxing you can spray your favourite perfume on it or some essential oils like lavender.
      If your coat pockets don’t have zippers, I recommend sewing a little loop of thread into the bottom of your pocket and also one on the cotton pad, this way you can tie it into your pocket with some elastic or something, so you won’t lose it (I guess you could use a safety pin but I get aggravated having something hard, not to mention sharp in my pocket). Another way you can use them is to tie some elastic to them, then tie it to a hair tie. If you’re wearing long sleeves, you can put the hair tie around your wrist and tuck the cotton pad underneath, so when you feel like fidgeting you can pull it out of your sleeve and tuck it back underneath the hair tie when you’re done, unless you’re wearing something skin tight, no one will know it’s there.
      If someone catches you do it and questions it, you can always say you’re cleaning your nails.
      This has worked miracles for me, so I hope this helped some of you!

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