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      Does anyone ever experience days where they get so caught up in the ADHD chaos they feel like they’re treading water for their life? If you stop flapping you will surely drown? JUst to realize the water is only 2 feet deep and you can stand up?

      There is definitely a comfort zone realizing you have a legitimate reason to fail. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if we don’t “feel like” finishing something we just don’t. Then, of course, we beat ourself up or the wife and boss do it for you. We go back to feeling the shame we are used to and get a little relief until that whole scenario gets old. No one’s paying attention geez your not even paying attention so you start to create this drama again like your drowning just to kill time.

      Then you claim oh I am so screwed I have ADD until you know what ADD really is. A bunch of bad habits having to be unlearned. And a bunch of actions to take to counteract the speedy mind. So we take Amphetimines to help slow down the mind, that kills about 2 years of misconception like Adderal is going to fix everything.

      I’m trying something new. If I want to lose weight I will exercise and eat better. If I want to finish projects I will make sure I can engage in the project with a clear mind and write down the steps I need to take to complete the project at hand. If my mind tells me to quit I will just tell it “thanks for sharing now please sit down”

      These are all new habits I am not familiar with but am willing to give it a try. This stuff was supposed to be learned in grade school.Go figure,I missed alot of memos. How about anyone else?

      Dave (Ivry)

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