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      After reading these blogs, I asked my pediatrician about fish oil. Thank God I did, he said try it. A combination of 1,000mg of EPA and 2,000 mg of DHA. total 3,000 mg. I can find some that are close, but a lot have more EPA then DHA.

      does anyone have a kind that they use and works? I’d like to order today. My son is 7 years old and on concerta, this would be a supplement.

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      Penny Williams

      Here’s some expert information on the appropriate dosage:

      What’s the Right Fish Oil Dosage for My Child?

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Nordic naturals epa xtra. We have been using it for 13 years. It really makes a difference in flight of thoughts. Recommended by Kelly dorfman who was our nutritionist back then. She’s since wrote a great book – cure your child with food.

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      barbzkeeowee , I visited the website of Kelly Dorfman and I skimmed a pdf article on her website about the mental benefits of phosphatidylserine. This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I live in Canada, and I noticed from typing it into a search engine that Natural Factors (based in Coquitlam BC Canada) makes one that is 100 mg and contains 60 softgels and is 3rd party verified (so it puts my mind at ease that I’m not buying counterfeit product).

      I’m an adult woman who was diagnosed with ADD-primarily inattentive type in her 30s and an ethical vegan. How many milligrams of this stuff should I be taking per day? How many pills per day?

      Since I don’t want to use fish oil since I’m a vegan for ethical reasons, what brand of EPA & DHA should I take? If there are several brands, which brand would be most convenient to take (ie. I could just take 1 pill per day instead of having to swallow 4 pills per day).

      I read somewhere that people with ADHD benefit the most from a ratio of EPA:DHA of 2 or 3:1. But then I’ve read elsewhere that ADHDers should be getting more DHA than EPA. All of the vegan EPA&DHA supplements I’ve seen have more DHA than EPA, except for Marphyl brand phytoplankton pills, and an EPA-only brand that was advertised on VeganEssentials online marketplace more than 10 years ago, but is no longer there.

      I emailed Marphyl and they emailed me a 2-page composition breakdown of their phytoplankton product, but the figures were only given in mg/kg. Well, obviously I’m not going to be swallowing a whole kilogram of their product per day, so I had to do some mathematical calculations. If I did the calculations correctly, it is about 1.8017mg DHA and about 10.54mg EPA per pill. The label says to take 1 pill per day. (Each pill contains 150mg of their product, which contains many other nutrients besides just EPA and DHA).

      barbzkeeowee wrote that the non-vegan “EPA Xtra” by Nordic Naturals helped with ADHD, and it is 530mg EPA and 150mg DHA per softgel. But this forum’s poster/user ddt1981 says “1,000mg of EPA and 2,000 mg of DHA.”

      I also remember reading on an ADHD forum where a poster/user posted that he took like 2 pills of something instead of 1 pill of some sort of DHA and/or EPA supplement, and s/he ended up in the emergency room with heart palpitations! Can that really happen?! This is why I’m reticent to take the higher dosages, because my other bottles of pills that I still have (and aren’t expired yet!) have much lower amounts than what is in the “EPA Xtra” by Nordic Naturals. I have two other bottles besides the Marphyl (based in Vancouver, BC, Canada): NutraVege (by Nature’s Way, based in Nova Scotia, Canada, also 3rd-party verified) Omega-3 Plant LiquidGels 300mg DHA and 150mg EPA per softgel. My 3rd and last bottle that I have right now is A.Vogel VegOmega-3 Vegan Algae and Linseed Oil 75mg DHA and 1.9mg EPA. Manufactured in Switzerland, distributed by Bioforce Canada Inc. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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      One thing to remember with fish oil supplements – if it smells or tastes fishy, it is no good. You also shouldn’t get a fishy aftertaste. I have had good luck with Borleans Fish Oil. Also Metagenics SPM Active is good but is pretty expensive.

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