Fish Oil – EPA and DHA – need help finding one

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    After reading these blogs, I asked my pediatrician about fish oil. Thank God I did, he said try it. A combination of 1,000mg of EPA and 2,000 mg of DHA. total 3,000 mg. I can find some that are close, but a lot have more EPA then DHA.

    does anyone have a kind that they use and works? I’d like to order today. My son is 7 years old and on concerta, this would be a supplement.

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    Here’s some expert information on the appropriate dosage:

    What’s the Right Fish Oil Dosage for My Child?

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    Nordic naturals epa xtra. We have been using it for 13 years. It really makes a difference in flight of thoughts. Recommended by Kelly dorfman who was our nutritionist back then. She’s since wrote a great book – cure your child with food.

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