First day 10mg Adderall, 10yo girl, WIRED- normal?

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      Hi all, first post. TIA for any help. We’ve suspected for a very long time my dd has adhd, finally dealt with getting a diagnosis from her gneralped, and started her on Adderall xr 10 mg yesterday. I checked in with her several
      Times during the day to see how she was feeling and she said she couldn’t really tell any difference, and she seemed normal to me. Then about maybe 8 hours after she took it I noticed she started seeming a little…I guess maybe hyper would be the best word? We were out, and on the way home I talked to her about it and she said she didn’t notice anything still, but she was talking a mile a minute and would not stop. By the time we got home she admitted she was a little “jittery” and was obviously WIRED. At dinner she said she was going to her room because she couldn’t make herself stop talking. She kept up the high energy throughout the evening. I went to bed so I didn’t see it, but according to my husband she’s was up until 2 or 3 frantically organizing her room, even after taking 2 melatonin. She normally takes one.

      Thoughts? Is this a normal first day body adjusting kind of thing? I can’t helo but wonder, what if we misdiagnosed? What if she doesn’t even actually have adhd and we just pumped my 10 yo full of speed?

      Gave it to her again for today just now and will monitor, but I’m pretty freaked out.

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      Btw sorry for typos! Hard to type on phone with a sore thumb!

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      Well the first day I took methylphenidate I was wired and decided that I must CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. The euphoric/wired feeling that stimulants give subsides as your body gets used to them.

      Also, seems odd that the XR took so long to work. Had a similar problem with a certain type of generic extended release methylphenidate (didn’t release at all). If the XR lasts too long/causes insomnia, ask the doc about the IR.

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      Penny Williams

      It’s not something you want to accept, but you may give it a few days and see if it mellows out. If not, Talk to the prescribing doctor about what you’re seeing. There are two types of stimulants: amphetamine (Adderall, Vyvanse, Evekeo…) and methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Quillivant…). Almost everyone does well on one type or the other, but not both.She may do better on a methylphenidate.

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        I have done well on both amphetamines and methyl-phenidate.

        CBD oil drops are something that is becoming more popular and accepted by psychiatrist to help the drop off of when the medication wears off ie anxiety, “wired” and helps people wind down in the eve to get to sleep.

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      Hi how’s she been doing? I hope better.

      Is it generic XR? IMO, the generics mixed amp salts XR formulations do not have the time release mechanism perfected. Like, it doesn’t work correctly to release the proper amount of medicine at the right times.

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      Thanks for the advice and for checking in! Yes, she had about 3 days of the extra jitters and then it evened out. She actually is on the brand name Adderall. I’m not sure what was going on but I’m guessing just an adjustment period. The downside is we aren’t really seeing a lot of improvement, and she says she can’t tell a difference at all. So now we have to decide if we want to up the dosage or not. The decision-making process in all of this is so stressful.

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      It’s normal first-day body adjusting these kinds of things and I love this hemp CBD. Absolutely wonderful!

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      All four of my kids would say, “They couldn’t tell a difference.” The funny thing was their teachers could and their grades improved. It does take some time and isn’t something that is fixed within a few days or a week. You mention your daughter couldn’t quit talking after taking medication. My daughter would talk non-stop until she took her medication after that she was quiet. Her grades went from C/F’s to A’s. She is in second grade and has made the A honor roll three times now. She has been star student and her teacher has said nothing but good things. She tested at 4th grading reading.

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        Wow, congrats to her!!
        I also get more quiet/focused and less hyperactive when my meds kick in. Hyperactivity still exists in adulthood!

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