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      I finished college with a BA in Psychology, which means nothing to me anymore, with a mediocre GPA and a chaotic transcript. I wanted to start over in college, to figure out what were the missing pieces I needed to function like everyone else. But that never happened.
      I am now in a technical job in an unrelated research field based on a connection I made in college, which I am lucky to have. The only reason I still have this job is because of a highly unusual series of events in the workplace that led me to be essentially unsupervised.
      I was diagnosed with ADHD and started treatment recently. And I really wish I could re-do college. I am starting to no longer wake up everyday with the feeling I am about to be fired (still have a lot of my life to work on though), but I have no passion in this job. I am not interested in this field or methodology. And I want to use all tools available to me to reorient myself and create a path to studying and working in my interests. But, I am feeling unsure about some of the steps to take, like if I should go back to undergrad or try to find a way forward with grad school. I was wondering what similar kind of experiences other people may have had.

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      Penny Williams

      I think it depends on what you’re interested in. If you can go into grad school without needing a different undergrad degree, I wouldn’t put yourself through undergrad again. The first step is determining where your interests lie.

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