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      So I’m beginning to think about getting help for my ADD and I used the handy dandy lookup and got nothing. Lots of help, good help for kids, but nothing for me that’s within a reasonable distance (90 minute drive) I looked in my own community and in Burlington VT and nothing, I tried looking in Montreal and got nothing. Does this website search outside the US?

      I will be looking at all the strategies, some I already use, others are new. I am very apprehensive about meds Rx’d by a primary care doctor, yet all the psychiatrists up here are drowning in very ill patients as opposed to functional adults looking to improve quality of life. I’m a nurse and I’m comfortable with self advocacy, I sometimes have the problem of a little knowledge being less than helpful. Do other adults in rural areas face this problem, how have you solved it?

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      Penny Williams

      The ADDitude Directory is not all-inclusive. Try asking your primary care physician for a referral to a psychiatrist or call your insurance and ask for psychiatrists who are covered in your area. Sometimes folks in rural areas have to drive an hour or more for specialized ADHD care.

      You may find that an ADHD Coach would be appropriate for helping you develop strategies. ADHD Coaches work via online video calls (like Skype) and phone, so your rural location would not be an issue.

      FAQ About ADHD Coaching

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      How are listings gathered? Are they curated in any way?

      Maybe I’ll talk to my Primary…Next September, because I’m on high deductible insurance and I’m unwilling to make a special appointment.

      Edited to add, I don’t use Skype, My internet isn’t up to the challenge.

      Likely I’m actually not ready to get help.

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      -Hi Autumn – I understand that you’re not yet ready to get help, but when you’re at the information gathering stage here are a few more options for you:
      * Your local CHADD chapter can be a great resource for recommendations, I’ve heard of several people successfully finding resources that way.
      * There are a lot of people in your position, ie, with internet too slow for some of the software that can allow remote access to providers. Ways that some more forward thinking health providers are getting round this include:
      A: Using software that is specifically designed for more challenging situations, e.g.VSee which is HIPPA compliant & works with both slow internet connections + old equipment or using FaceTime on your cell
      B: Arranging for a client/patient to use fast computer/internet access to them at a local doctor or therapist’s office in a town
      C: Using the good old-fashioned phone đŸ™‚

      I know about these as a friend of mine is a therapist (MFT) who offers remote pain management therapy & I helped her research her options for service delivery to rural area clients.

      Looking at your first post, it looks like you would like to review the ADHD strategies you currently use and possibly look at new options. And it sounds like you may be looking to improve the quality of your life with ADHD as well as possibly find out a little more about the condition.

      If that sounds roughly right, when the time comes to look for help I would agree with ADHDmomma regarding getting an ADHD coach as they can help with all of these things, & they will probably be lower cost than a Doctor. There’s a listing that’s searchable by location on the website of the ADHD Coaches Organization so you may even find someone there that’s local to you.

      Totally unrelated, I spent a day + night in Burlington in Spring on a road trip & thought it was gorgeous. I live in a rural location as well so I know only too well that they have their pros and their cons.

      Take care, Gill

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