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      Yes finally, I am seeing people like me. I know there are people like me where I live but I do not happen to meet them or perhaps I do but I can’t tell (as usual).

      So I’ve got dyslexia & ADHD, I know its not a proper test but I scored 77% here on dyslexia and 18 on ADD.

      The symptoms I live with for dyslexia is often misreading words, replacing letters and words as I read and going over them over again because in often don’t understand at the first read. I pronounce certain words strangely and get laughed at often. I also substitute common words for odd ones. Reading is such a task that I’ll avoid it if I can. I scored poorly in academics while in school but I’m an adult now. I quit work for my own business after 8 years working. I made multiple mistakes and I often thought perhaps someone had cast a spell on me or something, I was bullied and frustrated often being transfered because no one wanted me working with them. I made a lot of mistakes because I would see something different from what is was actually writen, and I was generally thought of as lazy, hmmm

      Then I started losing my keys every morning recently because I now live alone, I just drop them in very odd places without thinking, very impulsive ( I can’t help it), i would be having aa conversation with someone then drift off to another place in my mind, why do I observe things most people don’t? why can’t I just sit still (adults are supposed to), I’m constantly doing something, disorganized, etc the list is endless

      This is happening now because I’ve only started thinking about myself now, all the while I only accepted what people thought about me, they said I’m weird, strange, peculiar, different, you name it.

      Then the isolation, I don’t understand people’s action as I should, probably I’ve hurt them unknowingly, then I forget to call friends ad family often smh they don’t call because they think I do it deliberately (I thought so too)

      I’m finally happy to learn I’m not that strange or weird after all

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