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      Hi to anyone reading this,

      I am 26 (f) and was diagnosed with a slew of mental health conditions within the last 2-6 years.
      This includes bipolar II and severe OCD, as well as trauma and anxiety, borderline personality, and eating disorders (history of).
      I was also diagnosed with learning challenges — mild to moderate auditory processing disorder.
      I see psychiatrists and a therapist, as well as an audiologist. Now, I’m seeing an occupational therapist for fine motor skill/executive function/sensory issues. I even did inpatient treatment for some of the mental health stuff.
      Somehow, I graduated college and now I’m in grad school. I’m proud! However, I’ve had trouble keeping a job.
      For now, I’m doing what i need to do for school, applying for jobs, and exercising lightly (the light exercise helps mood and attention!)
      I sometimes wonder why I’m like this– maybe because I was born premature/low birth weight/twin (my twin has similar challenges).
      Anyways, I’m rambling. My point is that success is possibly, with the right supports and interventions, including medication and therapy (I also have academic accommodations in schooL).
      I want to write an article for ADDitude sometime (creative writing is what I study)
      Best of luck to anyone reading this! It’s never too late!

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