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      I can’t say this will help others but for the last year I’ve been taking weekly Feldenkrais lessons. They’re also called “Awareness Through Movement” classes. It’s an hour a week, in a quiet room with lights turned down low, and a lot of the time is spent on a blanket on the floor with eyes closed. The movement is very slow, and gentle. I thought my dyskinesia would make me frustrated & self-conscious but a BIG aspect of the training for instructors is that there is NO judgement. It’s about doing the movement to the extent that you’re comfortable with it, playing with it, and noticing what you notice. The instructor will say, “After that do your shoulders feel more relaxed? Or maybe they’re less relaxed. Maybe there’s no change at all. Just check in and see what you notice.” It’s an incredibly relaxing hour and at $12 per lesson, it’s worth it even on my budget.

      The physical aspect is using these very gentle movements to make your joints and spine more mobile, and also to break habits of movement that might cause problems over time. At first, like most people with ADD, I was never present in my body in the moment, but after a year, my dyskinesia is improved, I’m able to notice where I’m tensing up and consciously relax those muscles — which has helped limit the migraines I was having because of muscles cramping in my neck. I’m less likely to stumble and fall while hiking in rough terrain. And that one hour every week has become my sanctuary time to undo the damage caused by constant overstimulation during the week.

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      Glad you found something worthwhile. Cheers. If something like that comes up I will check into it.

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