Feels like I'm bumping around in the dark.

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    I’ve just read the A.D.H.D. common denominators article and it, like many of the other articles I’ve read, makes me think I see a door out of the dark room of A.D.D. but I just bump into the wall again.
    The whole article talked about treatment success needs someone that understands and to be there for you and help you, well, I DON’T HAVE ANYONE!
    I can’t afford to pay someone to be a coach, most of my family are great distances away, and either have no clue or interest in A.D.H.D.
    While those that are close think I’m just using it as an excuse, and that A.D.D. is bunk no matter the amount of proven information to the contrary I give them.
    And because of zero self-esteem and overwhelming feelings of inferiority I’ve only really ever dated someone after high school for a short time.
    The article said it’s a group effort, I still haven’t found a support group that’s any practical distance from home.
    When I get criticized for something that’s caused by my A.D.D. I get so frustrated I feel as if I’ll literally explode, I feel like a banjo, always being picked on.

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    I can relate. The whole inferiority feeling makes it difficult to engage someone. It took me a year od friendship to make a next step with my current girlfriend and before that I was never able to make the first move. Even when it’s abuntantly clear I often resorted to back out of the relationships. Now it came to a moment that after two years of relationship I realized that our biggest issues are related to what I see as an ADD symptoms. She can’t stand the fact that I often can’t communicate well, that I can’t follow simple instructions. That I don’t follow up on certain cues. That I forget a lot of things in our daily lives. That if someone talks to me and they don’t look directly at me I can’t notice that they are talking to me. A lot of these things come of as lazy, selfish, egocentric but I honestly can’t make these things work. The place where I live medical proffesionals write of that sort of behavioir as being lazy and spoiled. I can’t convince even a psychologist to take me seriously. I was written off by teachers as uninterested yet I was giving really big results when it came to my personal interests. Now i see it as a hyperconcentration periods.

    I don’t know where you live but perhaps try finding a support group. Rarely few people can emphatize with this disorder by what I learned.

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    I finally tried looking on “Meet up” and it never occurred to me to try where I used to be a peer counselor for students back in high school, I drive past it going to work.
    But for the next month it’s only parent child A.D.H.D. workshops, I’ll try checking it out, if anything maybe they can point me to an adult group that meets regularly.

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      That’s great. I don’t think we have over here.

      Have you tried any online support groupa or something like that?
      I would be thankful if you’d share your experiences because I have none.

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      It’s me again. If you need someone to talk to I’m here. I don’t want to seem like i’m imposing or something like that. I think I have a sense of what you’re going through and at this point I’d like to have someone to just share thoughts with and to hear someone out. It might sound selfish but hearing someone talking about going through similar stuff can be conforting. I understand if you don’t want to.

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