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      I’m taking 60mg of Vyvanse daily. I feel great while I’m on it during the day, but in the evening or at night, I start to feel really weird sometimes. It feels like there’s a weight on my chest and I feel really emotionally raw. I know that there is a “crash” associated with Vyvanse, but I wanted to hear from others if this is normal or something I should be concerned about. Thanks!

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      I never experienced this. I hope someone can share their thoughts on this.

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      Penny Williams

      The crash you describe is somewhat common and often referred to as rebound.

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      Try taking 500 mgs of L – Tyrosine around 3pm. I’ve had a similar rebound with Vyvanse and I found this helped alleviate these kinds of symptoms. Eating potassium rich foods like walnuts can also help.

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