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      I just wanted some advise on something that has been bothering me for a long time.
      I have been diagnosed about 2 year ago (i am 37 yo) and has been on concerta for about 6 month ( helping but not much)
      My ADHD gives me lots of problem but i somehow usually get by. And live a normal life.

      Been reading a few ADHD book lately and they got me thinking that some things about me i thought was just my personality might be related to my ADHD.

      I never felt really motivated to do anything and i almost never make an effort to go for what i want/like ( all the GF i ever got came on to me. Its the same with my work, got hire thru people i knew never made an effort.( i have never been depressive, i just feel like im stuck in neutral)
      I feel like im coasting thru life.
      Really not sure that my work makes me happy, the same with my 12 years relationship with GF (we have 2 awesome kids together) but often wonder if im just in that relationship because its the easy way.

      I feel like could do much better on many aspect in my life but i just dont bother for some reason.

      I just want to know if you guys think this is ADHD realated.

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      Hi Runner008,
      I totally feel you. I absolutely think the lack of desire to do anything is attributed to ADHD and like you, I too experience constant thoughts of self doubt and question whether I’m really living up to my potential. It’s not that I settle for things because they are easy, it seems to be a combination of being unable to settle and be happy with anything at all-hyperactivity? A constant desire for change maybe… Things seem stagnant no matter how comfortable of good they are. Also always expecting more.. When in reality I know I have a pretty good life… Its better than its ever been I just can seem to wrap my head around that!
      Meds help a little.. I’m not sure if what I’ve said will help at all.. Its just my long winded way of saying I feel the same way as you.

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        Sam k

        Astro butterfly you summed up exactly how I feel 🤯it’s that feeling of discontentment and restlessness which never goes away despite having home, hubby , kids work etc . My mum and my best friend have said to me in the past “you are never happy!”

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      thank you thats exactly what i wanted to to know

      I also think i have a pretty good life.
      but that lack of motivation is the worst for me.

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      Maybe you haven’t found an interest?
      When there’s something I’m into I get strength and motivation in abundance. I can work tirelessly and to perfection if it floats my boat.

      Make me do something I’m not into and well, I just don’t or I coast.

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