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      Hi this forum is a revelation and a life saver for me. Recently my son of 6 is showing very strong symptoms of inattentive add… Like many people
      here…while reading up on it..I’ve discovered that it’s very very likely I have it. I work so so hard, but am constantly just catching up on things. My job requires vast quantities of paperwork and deadlines. I’ve always really struggled with this, and especially organising everything…but I’m realising I’ve always over compensated by spending so so long at things…(like probably 5 times the amount of time- others need to spend). I am so envious of those who can be succinct…and just don’t understand how their minds work…as I’m sure they don’t understand how mine does. My husband is constantly frustrated with me and i’ve started feeling recently like I’m a bold teenager…even though all I do is try my hardest….Anyway now realising to help my son (and indeed my 2 younger daughters- who show no signs off ADD but would probably like a more “present ” mum), I may really need to deal with my own issues also. I would like better for my family. I’ve managed to give outward appearances of coping – I cant lie, but would like to have time for life- I’m just exhausted ..not just work-
      I’m in Ireland….I think here…ADHD of the hyperactive type is more widely recognised…ADD children / people go undiagnosed…and may be thought of as lazy, spaced out. I don’t know if it’s as progressive here as in the States.

      Any advice on how to go about the best course of action in this part of the world..those who may be in the know..please. Thanks 🙂

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      Penny Williams

      I don’t know how ADHD is perceived in Ireland, but I would advise to talk to your general practitioner and ask him or her where to go from here.

      So many parents discover they have ADHD too when their child is diagnosed.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Be strong lovely, I have recently started a new job in a high paced environment and although I’ve struggled with this for a few years, I’m 26 and was diagnosed at 23, I find myself so confused as to how other people’s minds work. Why does this easy task take me so long! The self hatred and blame within myself is incredible. I admire people who remover things and don’t get distracted and talk constantly. I ask so many questions and still make mistakes daily.

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