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      Hope I can get some quick helpful advice for an upcoming dental appointment for my 6 1/2 yr boy who has ADHD and some Anxiety. Can you please let me know what works for you and your child to help them over come fear of taking xrays and getting a cavity in mouth filled/pulled? I am so very nervous on how I can help my son who has a dental appointment this mid week to have xrays and possible cavity filled. He is currently taking quillivant XR and it has literally taken me 6yrs to get him to sit in the dental seat long enough to have his teeth cleaned 2 wks ago. Please any suggestions to help ease the fears etc. He needs to get this tooth fixed because he is in pain nightly.. Please help with what works for you…

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      He can sit in your lap while they work. If they have laughing gas I would pay the extra for it. If he has a bad experience with the filling you might have a hard time getting him to go back again after that.
      Good luck

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      Penny Williams

      Most dentists that work with kids are skilled in working with kids who are anxious about being at the dentist.

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      As far as I know, children’s dentists are quite experienced . When I took my child to the dentist . I just convinced my child that it’s not scary . And after the first time, he was no longer afraid.

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      I had a similar issue when I was a kid. It got so bad I would bite my dentist. The solution we came up with (well my parents did) was to take me to a dentist who specializes in children with special needs. This was a good solution because he had a calmer demeanor and temperament and was more patient. He often took the time to explain what was going to happen before he did it, this made me feel better. I used to get anxiety when the dentist would put something in my mouth and then walk away, he learned to never walk away from me.

      Not sure if that was of any help to you.

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