Extremely irritated at work, trying to choose words carefully

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      I’m really upset with my coworkers. There’s one that contradicts me literally every time I speak and likes to bark orders at me and another that pages me and shouts my name as loud as she can and my nerves are burning. She called me at home with a work related question and did that and I almost threw my phone. I know I need to address this with them but I keep finding myself needing to shut my mouth in the moment because what I want to say doesn’t feel professional. How can I engage them in a way that keeps the working relationship in tact?

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      Penny Williams

      It’s tough to confront coworkers — you still have to see them and work with them on a regular basis after. Make sure you have a conversation when everyone is totally calm and interacting well. Then I’d approach it from a sensitivity standpoint, something most people can understand.

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