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      I’m not yet diagnosed, but I’m very certain I have ADHD (my brother does have a diagnosis, I was just never tested). Usually, I’m all over the place, procrastinating (the usual), but every once in a while (possibly to do with my hormones), I get super mellow and barely procrastinate. I couldn’t find anything about this anywhere, hence my asking: does this sound familiar to anyone? Is this how non-ADHD people’s brains are all the time? It’s so nice, I get so much done and I feel so calm, I want to know how to trigger it so I can feel like this more often.


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      Hello I am a male age 58yrs.I have these sometimes and feel very calm .Wish I could bottle this stuff.

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      Yes- in my follicular phase.
      Low oestrogen turns me into a zombie!

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      Yes. Hormones have a huge impact on my attention. I wish there was more research done on this. 🙂

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      I showed signs of ADHD growing up, but I thought I had grown out of it. When I went off of birth control, my energy level went way up, and all my ADHD came back. I would love to know more about this.

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      Just even seeing this post has kind of been a revelation for me because I procrastinated my entire life and it’s just a part of everything I do. like it’s so normal to me but like you said I just have these random periods of calm when I get everything done I’m on top of everything it’s like I’m a complete different person but I never know when it will happen. is just random and it feels so good and then the chaos of procrastination creeps back in. I’ve never thought to relate that to horomones but so many other things are affected by then so it totally makes sense. I’m going to start paying attention to it more now I’m tracking it.

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      ellen diamond

      The afternoon after my therapy session is when the calm comes. Suddenly the laundry poses no fear for me. Also, I find that when my housekeeper is in the house with me, I can somehow get a lot done! She teases me about it. So I guess it has to do with the anxiety I can feel when I’m alone vs when I feel I’m with someone who’s helping me…also they’ve found that brain chemistry changes dramatically when we’re with other people!

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      Dear all, yes, hormones change everything,(even the brainwaves). Throughout the monthly cycle, i myself found that this is certainly more intense with an ADD/ADHS background. In this it is even more helpful to get tuned with the cycle, where i am and what i can or can’t do….if this calls u check for red school, and their book “wild power” this can give a great insight and support for using those changes to our good!!!

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