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      Hi, I was diagnosed with adhd last November and I am on ritalin since January. My dosis is 40mg in total. 15 mg at 7 am, 15 mg at noon and 10 mg at 4.30 pm.
      In a week time I’ll be going on a holiday. Which means I have to get up and be awake from 1 am in the morning. Can I take an extra dosis of 15mg at say 2 am to get me through the day? And start my normal dosis at 7 am again?
      Doe anyone have experience with taking extra meds if you stay awake longer?

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      Penny Williams

      This is a question for your doctor. If an extra dose is acceptable, they need to write your prescription that way.

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      You can take meds earlier or later, leaving the same interval between them, when your schedule changes. You can’t just take MORE.

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