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      Are there more than me who get incredibly tired and exhausted after social interaction? It does not matter what we do, who this is, no matter how calm it is, I still get hyper when we meet but then immediately extremely exhausted afterwards. This exhaustion hangs in until at least the next day, the only way for me to solve it is to simply avoid it completely. When I am alone, I do not have these problems in regulating energy levels but in social settings like just for fun or work – it´s just impossible.

      Is this relatable to you? Did something help or do you also avoid social gatherings to feel more energized like me?

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      Penny Williams

      Social fatigue is very real. People with social anxiety also struggle with it. Limiting the amount of time you spend at social gatherings can help. If you’re overwrought after 3 hours, only stay for 1-2 hours.

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        I prefer to interact with positive and happy people so I dont feel easily exhausted.

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