Executive Function Coach for 4th grader?

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      My 10 yo son is on Ritalin and it definitely helps during the school day. Virtual school has been very challenging – he struggles to focus, forgets to attend his special courses like music and counseling, and only turns in about half of his assignments and those are rushed through and incomplete. His medication wears off by homework time and the chaos ensures. He is extremely argumentative with me and his father when we try to coach him, and we both lose our cool too often. We’ve tried counseling – he just didn’t connect with the counselor. I also found her to be condescending. We’ve tried various planners/trackers, they are a waste of paper. He is completely uninterested in using them. His 504 plan is not being sufficiently implemented in the virtual environment.

      I really think an executive function coach might help him. Someone who is neutral and can help provide him REAL strategies to solve his challenges himself. However, most of the coaching services I have investigated seem to start coaching with middle school students.

      Has anyone used an executive function coach with an older elementary school student? Any other suggestions?

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      Dr. Eric

      You can go two routes. A teacher who focuses on study skills, organizational skills, and growth mindset support.
      The other option is that instead of a traditional therapist, someone who does cognitive coaching for ADHD.

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