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      So after a good 3 years of trying to figure out why i’m tired and “depressed” all the time and dysfunctional in daily life I stumbled upon ADHD symptoms online and they fit me to a T! So I made an appointment to get checked out for ADHD and after many days of obsessing about it, I called my grandma to find out a bit about my dad and uncles to see if this runs in the family and I asked her if I was a hyperactive child. I was expecting a big fat NO from her but instead she say I was! How did I not know this?? This makes me so happy and relieved because I just didn’t know where else to turn! I have been seriously struggling, especially after getting married and having children. I was also very close to being experimented on with bipolar meds (topamax) by my sleep doctor! So relieved after feeling like I have ADHD!

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      Sam k

      Ultimately it’s a dopamine deficiency that causes a whole load of symptoms. For years I thought the problem was serotonin deficiency.

      I also think it’s in my family too and all I can say is it’s been hell.

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      So why is it that antidepressants never worked? Don’t they help dopamine increase? Or do antidepressants just help neurotransmitters communicate better?

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      Also, how has it been hell for you? Just wanting to know if it’s the same type of hell I’ve been in!

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      Sam k

      I will get back to you about the antidepressants and Brain chemicals. I was assessed in October last year just before my 40th, the psychologist (uk) said antidepressants don’t work for adhd, we need stimulant drugs.

      Here are all the things which make my life almost unbearable, I have these symptoms going on all the time, if it’s not one it’s another, they interfere with my everyday functioning.

      Excessive day dreaming
      Talking out loud to myself
      Anxiety (generalised and social)
      Despair, guilt
      Mood swings
      Negative emotions (anger, rage, jealousy)
      Low self esteem/ confidence
      Inability to connect emotionally with people
      Impaired cognition
      Poor concentration/ focus
      Inability to make and maintain friendships
      Can’t hold down a job, currently self employed, work from home, earn a pittance.
      Haven’t reached my full potential
      Have trouble reading, driving, following conversations, I’m forgetful, can’t retain and recall information.
      Inability to deal with stress (I am stressed most of the time, normal everyday things make me stressed)

      I have been in and out of the doctors office since I was a teen, I recall zoning out as far back as primary school but the real problems started when I hit puberty. I only mentioned depression to the doctor so was treated for that only, it took me years to figure out all the other symptoms. In October I wrote down all of the above nd maybe a few other things, the assessor referred me to an adhd and asd specialist.
      Writing it down helped them to pin point the problem, finally after all these years, I cried 😪

      Now I have to wait 2 years possibly longer beofre I get the meds I need, the stimulant drugs are prescribed by psychiatrists, GP’s can’t prescribe them as they are controlled drugs, it’s my only hope now as this problem is not going away.

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      Sam k

      I also literally can’t get things done, I find managing money nd household admin difficult, I am able to do it but the lack of motivation and stress make it difficult

      I have black and white thinking, very little grey.

      I also can be destructive, I delete my social media and then start over, delete people and then add them, delete them again, I am extremely indecisive. It’s like I have 2 brains working against each other, I literally could sign a business contract and change my mind immediately after!

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      Sam k

      I have a poor sense of direction
      Feel confused when I’m out and about, Home is a safe zone for me
      I also stare at people for some strange reason!
      I pace around a lot, just get up and walk around when I should be seated, for example when I’m eating meal with family or watching a movie. They are used to my behaviour now!

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      So glad that you wrote this! It does all make sense now! Now that I’ve read your post! It was like reading something completely dead on about my self!! This is crazy! I thought that I was alone living in this madness! That no one else experienced any of what I’ve been going thru and struggling with in life… but literally everything that you listed, that you go thru, daily, I also deal with, daily!! So what’s next?? What do I do now?? Please help, because I feel like such a failure as a person as a parent as a daughter! I feel like the biggest loser!! Please help me!!! Please!!!

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        Sam k

        Troubledmom3 – if you don’t have diagnosis I would suggest you write down all the things which are stopping you from getting on with your life, everything that makes daily functioning difficult. Then go to your doctor and ask to be referred to mental health team for assessment. Make sure you take your list so the psychologist/counsellor can identify the problem easily. If you just go in and talk to them you might not get everything across and most likely will end up with a misdiagnosis depending on which questions the psychiatrist/ assessors asks. It can be difficult to think of everything on the spot so be prepared. I have been in and out of the doctors office since I was a teen (I’m 40 now) i have had a diagnosis for anxiety and depression which by the way are both symptoms of ADHD.i have tried every anti depressant going, they DO NOT work for ADHD! The problem in our brains is low level of dopamine and not serotonin. (See link above)
        Please get help, here in the UK the waiting list is “very long” as my assessor told me, I am desperately hoping a stimulant drug might help me, could be 2 years or more before I can get this drug, GPS can’t prescribe stimulants as they are controlled drugs.
        Also after making a list of symptoms, make another list of all the things which make your symptoms worse and a separate list of things which help manage them.

        I have to say my brain has stopped me from being a complete person, I have burned so many bridges, missed opportunities and just haven’t reached my full potential, there’s no joy , I’m an angry bitter mess, I feel despair on a daily basis and the worst thing is it’s genetic on my fathers side. Is it in your family too?

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        Sam k

        Also have a look at your diet, if it is high sugar that will not help your brain. Clean up your diet (easier said than done) , start exercising daily, that will help.

        Seriously sugar makes me worse, it’s pure poison😢. Please get help it is never too late.

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      Sam k

      Just found this on a random google search

      Treatment-Resistant Depression Might Be ADHD

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      I have been taking OptiMind for two weeks and have already had a little effect. Maybe this is the power of self-suggestion, but the result is. I became calmer, sleep returned to normal. So far, only I can say.

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