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      I just wanted to talk to someone in similar positions. My adhd boyfriend causes so much additional stress and embarrassment for me on a regular basis. It is quite funny looking back but at the time it isn’t. Today for instance, he got grumpy cos I wasn’t listening to him talking about his music composition (I was in action mode and didn’t want to listen and anyway I hold a lot of resentment from the fact that I don’t get listened to due to his lack of interest and attention span). So on the caravan site we were on at the facilities area, he carried on the issue whilst there were people around who I knew of. He is always shouting embarrassing personal things and arguments in public. Then half an hour later I heard him shouting into the ladies showers. I called out ”yeah?” wondering if that was him. Had to get dressed quickly from my showering and come out to see but no one was there. I called his mobile and no answer (as usual – probably hyperfocusing on his music with his earphones on). Came back to the caravan in the cold and rain and was upset he didn’t answer his phone so he could give me a lift back which he kindly offered to earlier. Thanks for leaving me to walk back in the cold and wet rain I said. He explained that he shouted and shouted til it was embarrassing for him and I didn’t come out so he drove away. I responded: WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST CALL ME on my mobile and ask if I am ready to be picked up?..2nd argument of the morning. I cried and cried. so fed up with these negativities and irritating disorganising circumstances he creates all the time. I spend so much time trying to be organised and do housework and keep quiet in public regards arguments but he just blows everything up bigger and louder and more chaotic. Life is always bad when I find work because he can’t cope with me being stressed from work and being super organised in the evening to get housework done. It is certainly easier for him and our relationship if I don’t work. anyway that’s another topic……. Any other similar stories would be of comfort to me. Thank you.

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      If this was a common thing, I would never continue a relationship with that person. This is a silly argument with silly reasons–and we all have them sometimes, but if you have them all the time and things aren’t rapidly improving, you are in the wrong relationship. Opportunity cost. Cut your losses and work on you and adult, mature relationships.

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      ADHD is not an excuse for bad behavior. Move on. P.S. There is NOTHING funny here.

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