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    NEED FOcuS pLz

    Hi all who choose to read this. I am experiencing quite drastic ADHD symptoms (both hyperactivity and inattentive) around the evening hours. I’m considering actually doing what my doctor said and stopping my ADHD medicine, because after it is done in my system early in the day the rest of the day the focus is actually made tremendously worse for me, so I really have to be careful with stimulants. I’m also taking Zoloft 150 mg currently, which is way too much SSRI for me to handle, but my doctor keeps telling me it helps with my anxiety (which I agree with but it’s sabotaging my focus so bad that I cannot get any homework done and I literally have to almost tie myself down to not want to move and stay on task). It’s gotten so bad in the evenings and now it’s progressing into the afternoons as well and the medicines seem to progressively make my ADHD worse over time the longer I’m on them. I am slowly tapering myself off, as I just want to avoid withdrawal (with dexedrine), but I’m honestly upset that I ever got put on zoloft+dexedrine together because I’ve spent a whole semester thinking this was as good as it gets for my ADHD (1-2) hours of productivity a day that I was just in denial I guess because I didn’t realize that what was supposed to be helping me just isn’t. I’ve spent probably 15 months on Zoloft and I’ve also never been able to focus on the medicine. It’s just so much serotonin that I cannot make it work even with as small as 25 mg. Anyone else experience lots of frustration from let-downs with their meds?

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    What ADHD meds are you taking?

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      NEED FOcuS pLz

      Sorry for the delayed response on my end. Dexedrine tabletes (Dexedrine in generic form) 10-40 mg a day as needed. SSRI Generic Zoloft (Sertraline) 100 mg a day right now. 100 mg of Zoloft has actually helped my anxiety with many things, but unfortunately focus is not the best with the medicine so I divide it up into 25’s or 50’s usually and swing it in multiple doses even though that’s annoying. If I don’t take Zoloft before approximately 3-4 P.M., I start to have a harder time getting to sleep, but ironically perhaps I notice that more at the higher doses. 100 mg seems kind of nice in the “moderate” dosing of Zoloft (Sertraline), so I like it at 100 mg but not higher nor lower.

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      NEED FOcuS pLz

      dex tabs 10-40 mg

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    This wasn’t the right combination of medications for you. There are lots of others to try.

    There are two types of stimulants: amphetamine (Adderall, Vyvanse, Evekeo…) and methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Quillivant…). Almost everyone does well on one type or the other, but not both. It could very well be that you need to try a stimulant from the other category.

    A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

    And if SSRI’s make you sort of lethargic, there are other medications to try for anxiety. Buspar is purely an anxiety medication and not an SSRI. It has a lower side effect profile than the anti-drepressants.

    Don’t give up just because a couple medications weren’t helpful to you. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in treating ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc… successfully.

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      NEED FOcuS pLz

      I’ve tried 30 medicines. I’ve tried every SSRI there is available in the United States. I’ve also tried Buspar before and found it to be less sedating, so that’s a great suggestion on your part. However, I already am splitting up multiple Zoloft doses in the day and Dextroamphetamine tablets, so I’d probably ditch the Zoloft if I did that, but I don’t see that happening. I don’t mind taking multiple doses of several things throughout the day though, as I’m to the point where I am willing to do whatever works and whatever needs to be done.

      ADHD Meds I’ve tried:

      Adderall tablets 10-20 mg, Ritalin 10-30 mg, Concerta 36 mg, Straterra (up to 60 mg), Wellbutrin (to augment Dexedrine; up to 225 mg), Vyvanse capsules (30-70 mg; tried all but the 40 mg capsule). Never tried Adderall XR, Dexedrine Spansules, Mydayis, Adzenys, Focalin, Quivallant (however you spell it). No interest in trying Mydayis at all at this time, but some interest in trying Mydayis later, however I’d really be more apt to trying Adzenys or Concerta again, and maybe Ritalin. I’m not sure which all was of much help, but probably Vyvanse the most and Dexedrine. Adderall tablets I felt super nervous on them, but it was my first amphetamine and I took it with Viibryd 20 mg or 40 mg I think, so I don’t have any idea how it would work if I took adderall tablets with Zoloft.

      SNRI: Effexor XR 300 mg, Pristiq 50-100 mg

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      NEED FOcuS pLz

      yeah tried ’em all

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    Have you tried any other SSRIs?

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