Evaluation says Not ADHD, Mom not convinced.

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      Our 13 year old self-diagnosed herself as having ADHD, and was evaluated by her pediatrician. The answer was no, you just have a teenager. It’s true she has talked about having depression and anxiety for awhile, she was managing it OK, but with covid, well, as we all know, it’s really tough. One of the reasons the doc said she didn’t think it was ADHD was because of the fact that she CAN concentrate for long periods of time on stuff that she likes. She writes songs, creates comics, writes fan fiction, character design, all of that she could do for hours. My understanding is that ADHD folks can get super hyper fixated on things when they’re things they like. But when it comes to school, chores, etc. it’s a disaster. I see issues with time management, etc. that all seem related. My husband just thinks she won’t do it, not that she can’t.
      My brother suffered with depression for decades, and I don’t want to see her falling into that hole. It wasn’t pretty.
      Anyway, just not sure what to do now. I’ve reached out for her to work with a therapist, but they’re in such short supply, even that has been a challenge to find.
      Would love any help or ideas of where to take it from here.

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      Penny Williams

      Ugh, this pediatrician doesn’t understand ADHD. A hallmark of ADHD is that an individual can super focus on things of interest and things that are stimulating, but not force focus otherwise. I advise getting a true ADHD evaluation from a psychologist versed in ADHD.

      Here’s a symptom checker:

      Symptom Checker

      And an article explaining how individuals with ADHD can focus on things of interest.

      Hyperfocus: The ADHD Phenomenon of Intense Fixation

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      Dr. Eric

      Exactly what did this “evaluation” entail?

      One one end of the continuum is a 5-10 minutes conversation with a general pediatrician.
      On the other end, is a thorough review of developmental history, interviews, behavior rating scales, and direct neuropsychological testing with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists.
      Most people fall somewhere in the middle…

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