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      Hello, I’m 37yr mum of 3 (10, 6(ADHD) & 4). 7 months ago my life was pulled out from under me (nothing to do with covid-19), I though I was happily married with 3 kids… I was wrong. My husband did something terrible and I knew nothing about it till one night when my life fell apart (I can’t and won’t go into it). I’ve gone through sever shock, shock, exceptance, and everything else. I am now a single mum, my husband is in therapy and has changed a lot. But I can’t get motivated. I know I’m depressed and yes I’m on anti-depressants, I have no interest in cleaning the house, even on my meds, I stay up late at night because I want some peace and quiet and I just feel to annoyed to sleep. All I want to do is eat junk and lye on the couch watching TV. And for a while I was ok with that, I needed to but now it’s been 7 months and yes my life is still in limbo and very uncertain but by now I thought I would have snapped out of it, I want to but I have no motivation . Can anyone help me to start moving forward despite the emotional stress I’m under?

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      Hi, I’m so sorry you’re going thru this. I can relate. The first thing I did, and was told by my doctor to do, was get your sleep schedule back on track. Try melatonin and magnesium at bed time, Then set up your schedule. Be in bed at 10pm, read a paper book or magazine for a bit, lights out at 10;30. No devices in your room at all.
      Get up early, and if possible schedule a nap sometime during your day. It truly sounded impossible to me at the time, but my doctor insisted. Get a sitter for an hour if you can, and work towards sleeping for that hour. If you Can’t sleep, rest, read a book, listen to a podcast, just chill. 1 hour a day. Grab a meditation app, meditate for 10 mins, and try sleeping after that.
      Start taking care of your self sweetie. Remind yourself that this is a short term thing, it won’t last forever. Be gentle with yourself, there’s no such thing a a perfect reaction to this. Give yourself the time you need to recover, you deserve it, you’ve been thru a lot. Perhaps see if there’s a better mood medication, maybe the one you are on isn’t the best one for you. Hold trust, you can and will get thru this. Love and Light your way my girl. Xo GG

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