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      I went through a period of really rapid success. This success made me think I could handle anything and I overextended. I burned out, fell into diagnosed depression and anxiety. I was also diagnosed with adult ADHD.

      While I’ve been improving myself, the last three projects I’ve worked on I’ve experienced the experiences where I was shown no respect or was manipulated.

      Project 1: didn’t get paid my share over a year late
      Project 2: refused to pay me for my work while company made millions
      Project 3: connected personally and shared my story, partner used that information and took advantage of the situation.

      I’ve certainly learned my lesson but I have lost the ability to trust others. Does anyone have advise for me to improve my position outward so I get more respect? How should I make it clear I’m no people pleaser and get tough on communicating my value and needs?

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      Penny Williams

      If you were disclosing your ADHD to employers, that could be the problem. Most experts actually caution you not to disclose ADHD in most employment situations.

      Should You Tell Your Boss About Your ADHD?

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