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      Hi All,

      I was recently diagnosed With ADHD at the age of 32, I was started on medication a month ago. I started on 30mg of elvanse once a day, this dose was has now been increased slowly over the last month to 6omg once a day, as with a lot of people I was only getting coverage from the Elvanse for around 6-8 hours so I have been given an afternoon booster of Dexamfetamin Sulphate, 5mg IR (Instant Release) tablets, with the option of taking either one or two tablets in the late afternoon/evening with the objective of getting coverage for the whole day, without the crash and generally feeling useless after 4pm when just taking Elvanse on its own.

      I know Elvanse is Lis-Dexamfetamin that needs your body (the liver) to convert it to Dexamfetamin but after doing what I was advised by my doctor I have found that the Dexamfetamin Sulphate, 5mg IR (Instant Release) tablets in the evening are working so much better then the Elvanse tablets during the day. In the last week I have got so much more work done in the evenings compared to the day time on Elvanse, I feel better about myself, the brain fog definitely cleared and I have been able to focus at long last. I have found that Elvanse does help some of my ADHD symptoms but I have always said I feel it could do more, the 5mg dexamfetamin definitely does more. If I was to have to score it personally I’d give Elvanse a 6/10 and Dex a 9/10?

      So what I am wondering is, why if fundamentally these are the same drug with just a different way of metabolising do I get such a better effect and benefit from the 5mg Dexamfetamin compared to the 60mg Lis-Dexamfetamin, would this be down to how my body is metabolising and converting the Lis-Dexamfetamin to Dexamftamin?

      Has anyone else had the same effect when using both drugs together and if so did you ask to switch to just Dexamfetamin through the day and stop using Elvanse?
      And/Or is this a case of Dexamfetamin just being the right medication for me and Elvanse just isn’t totally right for helping my ADHD symptoms?

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      Penny Williams

      The short-acting medication — what you’re taking in the afternoon or evening — releases all the medication at once, giving kind of a rush of the medicine. The long-acting is slowly released over time. And not all time-release medications are smooth and even in the release. Many people take short-acting stimulants exclusively, taking 2 or 3 doses a day. If that works better for you, ask your doctor if you can make that change.

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