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      My son’s biggest struggle is reading.
      He will read a short book with big words, but will not read the level of books he is supposed to.
      He complains they are too long and gets discouraged, doesn’t want to read.

      I have numerous meetings with the school, and reading is always the number one struggle.

      Any apps? any exercises that parents can recommend that have worked?

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      Without knowing the age of your son, it’s difficult to suggest solutions.
      However, when my son was in elementary school, him and I would sit on the couch together with one of his books. I would read a paragraph, then he would read the next paragraph. We would alternate reading paragraphs, although sometimes, if the next paragraph was too big, I would read it, then he would read the one after that.
      This worked because of two factors: 1) he had one-on-one time with my undivided attention, and 2) he wasn’t overwhelmed by the idea of having to tackle this book on his own. After a while, he read the big paragraphs and I read the small ones, then eventually, he read the whole book.
      ADD/ADHD kids can get easily overwhelmed by things they perceive as being too big or involved for them to do. When that happens, that task or book or assignment is just a big scary blob to them. They need help breaking it down into doable sections.
      This may be case with your son, in that he may see the books he is required to read as being big blobs and gets discouraged. It may help to ask him to read X number of pages each day or, better yet, make a photocopy of a small number of pages, staple them together and have him read those instead of reading from the book. A few pages are visually way less scary and intimidating than a whole book.

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      Dr. Eric

      Honestly, at home, I don’t stress difficulty or reading level.

      Research says that a good ratio of challenge is about 80/20. 80% mastered and 20% challenging (but reasonable).

      I suspect that if reading is difficult, the school books already have the challenging part of the ratio covered.

      Reading easy books that are high interest does two positive things.
      #1 – In reinforces automaticity and confidence.
      #2 – It keeps reading from being an aversive experience.

      In fact, if you feel that the reading level is WAY too low. Read the books that you feel are better to him every night and have him follow along. Or have him read one sentence per page/paragraph and then you finish. You will be building beautiful memories and make reading time the best part of the day!

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