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      Just wondering if anyone has any wisdom to impart regarding studying efficiently? I’m a mature student studying science, and I tend to fall behind because of my laborious study methods.

      I end up copying notes almost word for word from my study guide, as I find I’m not very good at skimming and summarising. All of the books on ADHD that I’ve been looking at seem to be more about general life skills, and the two books on studying that I have, I feel would be very good for neurotypicals, but perhaps difficult for adhd people.

      Perhaps I just need to practice skimming and summarising until I get better at it? I just feel that my comprehension takes a massive nose dive when I try to speed things up. I feel that I really need to learn some new techniques though, but am struggling to find the resources for adhd adults study techniques in particular.

      Also, has anyone used brain training games to try to improve? Any luck with those?

      Thanks in advance 🙂

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