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    I wanna ask you guys how you get affected by caffiene? If i drink coffee my brain tells me i wanna sleep and energy drink makes me relax. Although it also make it possible for me to focus. How is it for you?

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    Even double espresso makes me very sleepy

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    I’m the same way I drink a large Red Bull and I feel like I need more to stay up but doesn’t help. And pain meds don’t work at low doses it seems

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    I was going to help a friend at the library and i had bought 50 cl redbull. As usual if im not interested in certain subject i get really sleepy. Ended with her having to do the homework on her own.

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    Caffeine affects me in a very similar way. I find that if I am careful to sip it very slowly, it can benefit me much in the same way my adderall does. But if I accidentally drink too much too fast (which is easy to do because my body seems to be pretty sensitive) then it makes me sleepy. Is it like that for you too? I probably drink about 1 cup of coffee per day and I try to only take one sip at a time

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