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      Anyone in the UK, with dyspaxia, ADHD and aspergers traits diagnoses.

      I told my GP, I did not know what a focussed mind was used for, including cognitive empathy.

      My asperger traits social communication problems interact with my ADHD, a recipe for disaster !

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      Sorry, I’m not from the UK. Although, that’s where all my father’s side came from. Does that count? lol Anyhow, my 15 year old son has Autism with Aspergers traits as you call it. As well as Adhd & Dyspraxia. I’m not sure if you’re looking for advice, or just a chat, someone to relate to, etc. I hope you find whatever it is.

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      Any advice !
      I am aged 42.
      I have a degree, Pgdip, professional qualification.

      I have a diagnosis of ADHD, aged 41, three months ago !

      I have a diagnosis of dyspraxia aged 33.

      I have a diagnosis of aspergers traits aged 25.

      I have no children, never married,
      no career, very poor work history.

      I want to write books, make board games , do an online business.

      When the economy recovers, maybe get a job as a Data Analyst in a hospital in the UK !

      Any advice ?

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      Hi there Aladdin,
      Similar circumstances to you- I live in UK, born in 1978, diagnosed with Aspergers at 32 highly suspect ADHD too and am currently looking at getting assessed. I also have a degree and am underemployed, with a desire to write and am currently working on Star Trek Cluedo! Small world.
      You should look into Data Analysis right now as I suspect it’s very much needed!
      With regard to writing, what kind of books do you want to write?

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      Hey Aladin,

      I have ADHD and dyslexia and a close relative has Asperger – which is impossible to spell – doesn’t that qualify me ? It’s very common for ADHD to be comorbid with something else. I would echo CultOfByron’s suggestion of Data Analysis, my partner tells me Asperger helps in jobs of that nature.

      Now I’m off to find out what the Cult Of Byron is.

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